Wise Words From Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett offers insight on competitive advantage, money, philanthropy, national debt, and wealth disparities.

Warren Buffett – ordinary man with extraordinary life achievements. World’s Greatest Money Maker, Warren Buffett – BBC Documentary – 1 of 6 Born August 30, 1930 is an American investor, industrialist and philanthropist. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world. Often called the “legendary investor, Warren Buffett”, he is the primary shareholder, chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest people. He was ranked as the world’s wealthiest person in 2008 and is the third wealthiest person in the world as of 2011. Dukascopy contest results: www.dukascopy.com Investment Opportunities: platforma.zulutrade.com

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  1. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 13: will accept his lies at face value,he believes by resorting to “The Rich Should Pay Fair Share’ that u will not be sophisticated enough to learn that thisis nothg but a ploy to get uto ignore his ineptness; he’s IS playing on class warfare,all to maintain power.From what I understand, people who interview for a job & don’t get it after being unemployed can sue employer if he/she thinks they weren’t hired because of discrimination of unemployed. I’m sure that will entice job creation LOL

  2. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 12: campaign donor, Philip Falcone. Now the Solydra fiasco & this would normally put a President out of business, but leave it to the lib media and dems to make it seem like nothing. Had Bush done this, there would be cries for his resignation.The list of ineptness goes on and on, but Obama relies on his following believe his every word; he believes you are stupid & you will not investigate what he says; he believes you

  3. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 11: at a lower cost w/other area providers. Look at Fast & Furious! Look at them trying to get the General to Lie for them! Air Force Space Command General William Shelton claims he was pressured to alter prepared congressional testimony or “say things” he “didn’t agree with” that would, in the end, benefit the communications and satellite company, LightSquared, which is funded by major Democratic Party

  4. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 10: Look how Obama supports public sector collective bargaining; they take $ from members, use it to get politicians elected (despite the political affiliation of the respective union member), then they negotiate salaries & benefits w/the very politicians they put in office using Tax Payer $ to pay them. So no wonder they got $700,000+ in Viagra; no wonder worker medical coverage was sub-par & could have had more services

  5. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 9: unemployment overpayments (or was it million?)..; $115 Billion in duplicative spending, checks written to dead people, illegal aliens & prisoners; even the CBO has acknowledged the healthcare plan will cost over $800,000 jobs. Look what he is allowing Brazil to do w/oil drilling, indicating we’ll be their best customers, but won’t let America do the same thing.

  6. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 7: Now one has to ask, what good would more $ going to the Gov do anyway? Obama had to admit ‘Shovel Ready Projects weren’t Shovel Ready”, it takes perhaps years to get building/construction permits, writing up plans, etc.. So you’d think he’d learn from his recent experience, but no, he still says he has to dump $ into construction/building etc.. Nearly every day we hear of more Gov Waste, $19 Bill in

  7. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 6: Obama doesn’t say! No Gov anywhere should take more than a ½ of a persons income PERIOD!
    All of this takes peoples attention away from Obama’s ineptness; he hands over a ½ Billion $ to a campaign supporter and shows his ineptness by ignoring the warnings given to him. Imagine what would happen in the private sector; HE WOULD BE FIRED ON THE SPOT!

  8. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 5: On average the wealthiest Americans still pay a lot more in taxes than the middle class, or the poor. They pay at a higher rate, contribute at a higher share. So again Obama Lied
    Associated Press: Households making $1 mill or more pay on average 29.1% of their income in Fed Taxes, Households making between $50K & $75K pay 15%, they pay nearly half. What is a Fair Share? Notice how

  9. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 4: returns w/incomes above $1 mill, yet paid no Fed Income Tax, that’s less than 1% of the nearly 237,000 returns w/incomes above $1 mill. Obama is focusing all of his energy on about 1500 Americans who are not paying their fair share. Once they start paying, does anyone really think the deficit problems will be taken care of?

  10. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 3: Lying to his naïve followers. Associate press fact checks report : CBO 10% of households w/highest incomes pay more than ½ of all federal taxes, they pay more than 70% of Fed Income Taxes..
    Obama denies stoking class warfare, then turns around and stokes the first for class warfare comparing hedge farm manger pay with that of teachers. Assoc press relates that in 2009, 1,470 households filed tax

  11. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 2: out of what he’s saying. He sells insurance products through Berkshire Hathaway. Insurance products do well when tax rates go up, there is a conflict of interest there yet does Obama provide this info? He has become the Primary Crony Capitalist in the Obama Admin. From what I understand, he still owes a Billion Dollars to the Gov, why hasn’t he paid?

  12. WingThaiJ says:

    PART 1: Obama betting on the Naivte of his followers: Warren Buffet is being deliberately misleading, We Rich people should be paying a whole lot more; Firstly, as a proportion, they do pay a whole lot more. Buffett is deliberately confusing tax on Capital Gains & Tax on income; he’s also making a lot of $

  13. jvargas248 says:

    It probably can start a socialism or comunism era in the United Stes of America because millonaires must to reduce their fortunes, they will become middle class and every person in America will be at the same level, this will be comunism, that’s irony!!!

  14. ahmedonian says:

    Such an eloquent and brilliant man. Whatever he says sounds like a wisdom to me.

  15. Motive11331 says:

    @JohnF30Music Drunktards?

  16. Mountshilol says:

    @JohnF30Music Yeah I knew you were wait still are

  17. sodafromyoda says:

    @JohnF30Music Congratulations on proving your own point.

  18. AlvinHDavernport says:

    @nem700 Yeah, that’s what I meant. There’s great minds, great morons, and in-betweens in America, in Europe, and in Asia. Americans are not, on average, any dumber than any particular group.

    And sorry, I get kind of defensive with that type of jokes, even though they’re no more than jokes. But you seem to be a reasonable guy (quite an exception amongst YouTubers :p).

  19. nem700 says:


    I was joking. America has some fantastic minds, but also great stupidity. But that is to be expected with a population of 500+ million. You have extremes and in betweens. PS Nobel Prizes don’t mean anything to me.

  20. AlvinHDavernport says:

    @nem700 Was that not pretty clear from the moment we surpassed you guys in productivity, Nobel prizes or scientific output / impact factor?

    I mean, yes, I get it, hyperbole, funny, ha ha ha, but seriously, what is it with foreigners that want to think, and go to great lengths to justify this thinking, that Americans are particularly dumb?

    Sorry to break it to you here, but neither are all Americans dumb, nor are dumb people endemic to America (not by a long, loooooooooooooooooooooong shot).

  21. Mountshilol says:

    @JohnF30Music Well with sell-outs like you American wont last that long to exists

  22. nem700 says:

    haha it’s lifted the yachts alot faster. brilliant. looks like not every american is a moron.

  23. thisguy1ify says:

    @ JohnF30Music fuk u btrraaa ikm winning

  24. jamlucas says:

    @Aurigalive Shutup idiot

  25. Aurigalive says:

    Warren lost 50 pc of his shares in GFC

  26. JONACAN says:


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