Warren Buffett Wants His Taxes Raised, Unlike Selfish Fraud Peter Schiff

Buffett tells the truth about how many of the wealthiest Americans pay lower taxes than those further down on the socioeconomic ladder. Contrast this with Schiff’s moronic claims that, for example, if taxes go up on high income earners he’ll move his business out of the country. First, he was working in the industry during the Clinton years, so apparently higher taxes then weren’t enough to send him overseas, and second, if he goes, it’s a huge bonus for everyone with a brain and/or heart. Buffett’s op-ed can be read here: www.nytimes.com

25 Responses to “Warren Buffett Wants His Taxes Raised, Unlike Selfish Fraud Peter Schiff”

  1. not8upwthit says:

    The same congress almost exclusively made up of millionaires ? Interesting how all these elected congressmen become so wealthy Barack is as quietly as any of them. Warren wouldn’t be parroting these things had he not already made hid fortunes.

  2. AntiSchiff says:


    US debt is small though, and the interest negligible.

  3. mungonpoo says:

    too many private interests have their hand in your government, dollars equal influence. so much for the bastion of western values. you run at a defecit, your children will be paying your bills and now your politicians squabble about raising the debt threshold. wasting time fighting over control of rome as the barbarians are coming over the walls…..

  4. daveruda says:

    @EasyEs The dangerous thing about inequality is that after material needs are met..the bottom class still fare worse than other less rich (but developed) countries. It is the inequality in it self that cause a lot of problems.

  5. dunmer2007 says:

    I am a proud heterosexual man, and will continue as such, but I have to say I’m in LOVE with Warren Buffet! Curse Obama for not hiring this man as a financial adviser!

  6. EasyEs says:

    @zsylvana They don’t seem dynamic to me. Of the top 50 companies in Sweeden only 48 were created after your nations peroid of open markets and low taxation. Also you talk about American poverty in rather odd terms. The poor in the USA live like the middle class in lots of places all over the world. Poverty rates are an odd way to compair nations as the very high median income of the US. There is inequality but not because there are lots of poor but lots of middle class and rich people.

  7. jmjfanss says:


    Now you speak the truth.

  8. zsylvana says:

    5)The U.S. spends less than almost all rich countries on social services for the poor and disabled, and it gets what it pays for: the highest poverty rate among the rich countries and an exploding prison population. Actually, by shunning public spending on health, the U.S. gets much less than it pays for, because its dependence on private health care has led to a ramshackle system that yields mediocre results at very high costs. (International Affairs-2009)

  9. zsylvana says:

    @chichora123 4)The results for the households at the bottom of the income distribution are astoundingly good, especially in contrast to the mean-spirited neglect that now passes for American social policy. The U.S. spends less than almost all rich countries on social services for the poor and disabled, and it gets what it pays for: the highest poverty rate among the rich countries and an exploding prison population. (International Affairs-2009)

  10. zsylvana says:

    @chichora123 3)The Nordic states have also worked to keep social expenditures compatible with an open, competitive, market-based economic system.Tax rates on capital are relatively low.Labor market policies pay low-skilled and otherwise difficult-to-employ individuals to work in the service sector, in key quality-of-life areas such as child care, health, and support for the elderly and disabled.(International Affairs-2009)

  11. zsylvana says:

    2)The Nordic countries maintain their dynamism despite high taxation in several ways.Most important, they spend lavishly on research and development and higher education.All of them, but especially Sweden and Finland, have taken to the sweeping revolution in information and communications technology and leveraged it to gain global competitiveness. Sweden now spends nearly 4 percent of GDP on R&D, the highest ratio in the world today.(International Affairs-2009)

  12. zsylvana says:

    1).On average,the Nordic countries outperform the Anglo-Saxon ones on most measures of economic performance.Poverty rates are much lower there,and national income per working-age population is on average higher.Unemployment rates are roughly the same in both groups,slightly higher in the Nordic countries.The budget situation is stronger in the Nordic group with larger surpluses as a share of GDP (International Affairs-2009)

  13. AntiSchiff says:


    Well, that’s probably why you have to donate plasma, because you’re not very smart.

  14. theeonionbagel says:

    hey everyone in america could pay 100 percent of their incomes and still not cover our expenses. maybe billionaire’s could pay more taxes, but people making half a mil a year need all the money they can to make jobs. and i donate plasma so don’t think i’m biased towards rich people because I am rich. I’m not.

  15. gensu3k1 says:

    @curious883 “rest of us?” you make over a million a year?

  16. chichora123 says:

    Warren Buffet is a government shill who needed the government to bailout his preferred shares in Goldman Sachs. Not to mention his significant holdings in the rating agency “Moody’s”…. which needs continuous legitimacy to be given by the government itself. Is it any wonder that Warren Buffet is carrying the water for the current administration ?

  17. dsglop says:

    @dsglop This comment doesn’t even make sense. Two ironies? The second one was suppose to be hilarious. I’m getting too lazy to proof read.

  18. norvman says:

    @curious883 As long as I have the same right to pay the same percentage as Mr. Buffett. and then “choose” to contribute more if I want or don’t want. Otherwise your promoting a double standard. I difference in the Big guy and the Little guy. After all It is the extremely wealthy who need us more than we need them. in the end I don’t need there money. They do need my blood and guts to protect there asses and assets.

  19. AntiSchiff says:


    It’s only interesting for you in the way shiny objects are interesting to retarded children. It’s because you’re slow.

  20. SchittReport says:

    that’s an extremely stupid argument. firstly, buffett is making a policy argument that applies to everyone earning >1m. secondly, what’s the logic of him doing it individually if it’s not mandated by law that everyone else in his income group does so? that would be unfair to him. thirdly, you should be glad that he is at least speaking out on the issue, when he does not stand to gain anything from doing so.

  21. BlameRepublicans says:

    Fuck all the teap party morons who are duped into carrying the rich and making us carry them too.

  22. curious883 says:


    Yes, he can indeed choose to do so. He professes to want to pay more taxes. So surely he could set the example. Yet he does not. Given your obvious displeasure with my first comment, it seems you don’t mind him not putting his money where his mouth is. Interesting.

  23. AntiSchiff says:


    Yes, the 21st century house negroes are mostly white.

  24. dsglop says:

    @AntiSchiff LOL! The irony of these losers complaining about this is ironic indeed. Stupid brainwashed cult.

  25. AntiSchiff says:


    Yes, he can choose to donate to the Treasury. No, that wouldn’t be sufficient to accomplish much. He’s right to want to raise taxes on the $1 million+ income earners eventually, since the point is to generate enough revenue to help close the deficit.

    And I’m pretty sure you don’t fall within that income range, stupid, so stop wetting your diapers. It will only help a white trash piece of shit like you, who desperately needs government services.

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