Warren Buffett Testifies Before Congress

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to WarrenBuffettNews.com – The term Death Tax is Orwellian and just wrong. 99.5% of all estates go untaxed. Many people benefit from a death because of appreciating assets and a tax break. The total wealth of the Forbes list is 1.54 trillion dollars. Tax benefits have benefited this list in a big way. At the same time, median income didn’t benefit. They have been on a treadmill while the rich have been on a rocketship. Keep the estate tax, then take a look at the bottom fifth of Americans. They are paying more than 15% in payroll taxes. That is more than is paid on dividends or capital gains. A dog is inheriting 12 million dollars. That money could be used to give more money to the little people.

7 Responses to “Warren Buffett Testifies Before Congress”

  1. dontchastop says:


    1.) Your argument that Buffett should give away his money is irrelevant.
    2.) “Death tax” is rhetorical dishonesty. The phrase is designed to over-simplify and to garner an emotional response. Estate tax is a very accurate description of the tax.
    3.) Where is your data that Buffett pays 50% tax through BW? I suspect you are trying to divert and confuse people.

  2. brad238899 says:

    @dontchastop Please be more specific. I made a couple points and I need to know which one(s) you think are incorrect.

  3. dontchastop says:

    @brad238899 Do you think anyone believes your lies? Everyone knows Buffett was telling the truth. He is the only billionaire who had the courage to testify before Congress.

  4. vechorik says:

    Buffett owns life insurance companies that rely on the death tax in order to sell their estate-planning businesses. Buffett made about a billion dollars off of the Wall Street bailout by investing in Goldman Sachs on the assumption Uncle Sam would bail it out. He also is planning investments in ethanol giant ADM and government-contracting leviathan General Dynamics. If your businesses’ revenue comes from the U.S. Treasury, of course you want more wealth.

  5. mageslayer03 says:

    i think congress is scared..because Mr. Buffet is right, and its too late to admit their wrong, too later for everything…warren keeps giving them gold….its sick, they just keep sitting with their thumbs in their asses.

  6. brad238899 says:

    I used to respect Warren Buffet but he insults the exact system in which he made billions. If he doesn’t want to be a billionaire then give why doesn’t he give it away? Why is he waiting to die to do it? And it is a death tax. They tax you because you died. It’s pretty simple. Oh by the way Buffet actually pays roughly 50% in tax if you include the corporate tax that Berkshire Hathaway pays.

  7. Raxarax says:

    Ya, so if my family is forced to sell the ranch because of this stupid tax, we’ll be taking that money and investing it… outside of America. Fuck the death tax and fuck anyone that supports it. Buffet needs to have his throat slit.

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