Warren Buffett MBA Talk – Part 1

Warren Buffett MBA Talk – Part 1

Warren Buffett discusses his New York Times Op-Ed piece ‘Stop Coddling the Super-Rich’ which calls on Congress to increase taxes on the Super-Rich like himself www.CharlieRose.com

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  1. DexterHaven49 says:

    I have no respect for this sellout piece of shit. He lies about taxes to please Obama and sticks a knife in the back of his fellow high earning businessmen. Shameful what he does to be liked. Fuck him. Hope he gets a pie int he face at his next shareholder meeting. And a soft serve from Dairy Queen up his nose. As a shareholder of BRK-A, he pays an effective rate of 35% in corporate taxes. That’s profits lost to shareholders like him who only keep after tax revenue. He lies about taxes.

  2. mohamedtheprophet1 says:

    If this fool thinks he doesn’t pay enough taxes, than this asshole can shovel all his motherfukin money into oBozo’s hole. What he might learn is that if he throws them a rope, they’ll pull you in. Genuis is not always wealth

  3. ImDavidGurney says:

    I’d like to see a young Buffett make it from Omaha today.

  4. ImDavidGurney says:

    Recently,Jimmy Buffett makes much more sense.

  5. DexterHaven49 says:

    Obama is using his rhetoric as an excuse to soak the rich more. And stupid Buffett is playing along. Hey Warren, FUCK YOU AND YOUR DISHONEST TAX POLICY TOO. AT THE NEXT SHAREHOLDER MEETING, I HOPE YOU GET A PIE IN THE FACE.

  6. milvioc1 says:

    Habakkuk 3:17-18 “Though the fig tree shall not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines, though lacking the product of the olive tree, And the fields yield no food, the flock be cut off from the fold, And there be no herd in the stalls : yet, I am happy

  7. milvioc1 says:

    Habacuc 3:17-18 “Aunque la higuera no florezca, ni en las vides haya frutos, aunque falte el producto del olivo, Y los labrados no den mantenimiento, Y las ovejas sean quitadas de la majada, Y no haya vacas en los corrales; con todo, yo me alegra

  8. jacobkisgod says:

    The comments on this video are bizarre. So far I’ve read critiques of Buffett because (1) @xaviqaz he avoided losing money on a bad business deal; (2) @gemini067 he doesn’t pay the IRS more than his tax liability; and (3) @doctorw2 he apparently hired a guy for a “ten thousand million dollar” bribe. I can’t wait to get to page 2!!

  9. doctorw2 says:

    warren buffet is a big hyprocrite a man bought him lunch and a 10000 million dollar gift to get hired in his company and yet he talks about not coddling the rich.

  10. agrwalsweta1 says:

    Excellent Video! ….

  11. mystaybuzz says:

    i agree that integrity is key ingredient in everything that we do… love his principles.. thanks for uploading .. will be a long nite going through all the Parts of this talk.. ;p

  12. xaviqaz says:

    @gemini067 Buffet also loves american workers. His NetJets cancelled hundreds of orders for US made business jets in order to avoid red ink, and not much later placed the largest orders ever for brazilian Embraer and canadian Bombardier.

  13. gemini067 says:

    Warren Buffet gets a medal from Obama because he stated that the rich should pay more taxes, yet his income is structured so that he pays as little as possible to the IRS, and his company owes over a BILLION DOLLARS in back taxes. He believes the old adage “Do as I say, not as I do”.

  14. 0260mkg says:

    “Put a little speed on your pitches as they come in…” 0:40

  15. 93MickyD1 says:

    Happy 81st Birthday Mr. Buffett.

  16. TheRevolutionary465 says:

    @SuperKidDro or even a billion

  17. SuperKidDro says:

    it wouldn’t hurt him at all to give me one million dollars lol

  18. sundancekid122 says:

    when he says “the best investment you can make is in yourself” he isn’t kidding. buy your own stock so you arent bought out by the competition. Learned this playing cid meiers railroads.

  19. martyn580 says:

    @Yara2Rojas please dont post unrelevant commentsyou attention seeker!

  20. Yara2Rojas says:

    Amy Winehouse Rest in Peace.

  21. buzzclick500 says:

    So, ultimately, it’s all about investing in PEOPLE, which I’ve been doing for years, and it’s always paid off–every time. ;])

  22. idmji89 says:

    @shootor123 how>? were you in that same class? heehee

  23. peterwatson12 says:

    Testing 1 mill, 2mill, 3mill….love it!

  24. bookguy12000 says:

    @bailinnumberguy There more to Buffet than his “Fame”. He’s a business analyst and strategic buyer God.

  25. foster2367 says:

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  26. questioneverything2 says:

    @javie793 You get very few jobs from the poor or middle class. Like WB said, we need the world to be rich so they can buy our products the same is true for the very rich, they need a great world economy so they prosper. Want to fix or economy? We need 2 massively increase manufacturing. Pull wealth out of the earth, it’s the ONLY way to build wealth. Trading or sales only moves wealth,it doesn’t build it. Trade deficits loose wealth. Balance trade and manufacturing is the only way to save us.

  27. mohamedtheprophet1 says:

    Do you really want to give this fukin communist administration more money? if so go ahead give this halfass nigger all your money, you’re almost dead anyway. TEAPARTY not communists!

  28. jonathanzani says:

    @mohamedtheprophet1 Is that a joke? what buffet is sayin has nothing to do with what real communism is and what is based on. Lucky is for losers, somebody who has been able to build such a big empire by being smart deserves exactly what this person gets. I Do not support every single idea of buffet but i think he has a really good point which is about the confidence on our leaders and the ones that actually can make a change even though obama hasnt been able to be one of those

  29. Amusement73 says:

    @javie793 : I do agree, and I must add you risk having revolutions (and not neccessary good ones) when trying to twist the knife in people’s wounds.

  30. Amusement73 says:

    @mohamedtheprophet1 : If you think that Obama, Buffet or America have become communist than let me tell you that you know nothing about communism.

  31. mohamedtheprophet1 says:

    Warren Buffett is a very lucky idiot, if he had grown up in an Obama world he might be a coal miner or bus driver. He does not deserve what he has if he thinks communism is a good system.

  32. colinthomashoare says:

    @javie793 i agree totally. the world needs to wake up…no seriously

  33. BlackRepublican2010 says:

    Obama raising the income tax saying it will raise revenues shows how ignorant Obama is about “rich people” (not all people remain rich their whole life)but Obama does not even pay attention to his own partner in crime, Warren Buffett. Buffett makes $100,000 a year salary,so his tax rate would not be impacted by an income tax hike.Furthermore, Buffett makes most of his money through capital gains & dividends, taxed at 15-20%.Buffett knows this, & his own company owes back taxes!NOBAMA!

  34. javie793 says:

    Youre a fucking idiot, in the true sense of the word. I can tell by your comment, you know absolutely nothing about economics. This is a financial expert, and multi-billionaire who happens to be smart!!! Common fucking sense says what i’ve been saying for years before I even saw this interview; The more money you make, the more you should pay! When you try to put all the burden on the poor, and middleclass, the entire economy suffer including the rich. I hate ignorant people like you!

  35. zap859 says:

    what a goon….

  36. colinthomashoare says:

    i like this guy, hes smart.

  37. fthefarmer says:

    Warren can send a check to the US government and pay back all his money if this fuk head thinks he pays too little.

  38. optionsupdate says:

    his analyss of the economy from the businesses he owns is biased, since he tends to own the best businesses.

  39. radix3d says:

    Can’t believe 0nly 24K views this is great!

  40. Kingbenoit1988 says:

    Buffet for president!!

  41. g1a1r1y3 says:

    I like Buffet, but he sometimes ignores the obvious. He got rich because he got an education, specifically a financial one, sought opportunities, invested, became informed, etc- the very same things most people in this country don’t care to do. He did not get rich by getting a lower tax rate.

    Moreover,people can’t get angry at Congress for not working. It did not vote itself in power, the ‘People’ did.

  42. 78die78 says:

    this country went to hell when Nixon got off the gold standard

  43. sundown220 says:

    I really enjoy Warren Buffett interviews

  44. afro84 says:

    @heavy112233 He takes gains on capital gains because it aligns his interests with those of his shareholders. It is in the best interests of the company for him to do so.

  45. tambo411 says:

    Mr. Buffett since you are a supporter of spread the wealth I will be more than happy for you to hand down some cash to me. Think of the publicity you could get from that.

  46. pcbenson1204 says:

    @igorkrupitsky thats a relative change because of the overall value of equities over that time period… if cap gains 20% today the revenue would be even higher

  47. AmericanCritiquer says:

    Buffett makes me comfortable while my brokerage account diminishes! haha It will be back. Europe says buy!

  48. aay451 says:

    Uncle Warren , let me meet you 🙁

  49. heavy112233 says:

    Why doesn’t t Buffet pay himself a salary, instead of taking dividens/capital gains? Answer—because he knows he pays less taxes……Then he would be paying more taxes, like the rest of us. … Instead he would rather have have taxes raised that will not only effect him( and somehow clear his conscience) but would effect anyone who decided to save/ invest for their life down the road..

  50. marinello6 says:

    Buffet is not just a nice guy next door. He is an insider. Now that he is basically dead, the Fat Fuck wants others to give away what they want to accumulate. He would not have spoken this way when he was 40!

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