Warren Buffett Interview on How to Read Stocks

A Quick review on how Warren Buffett pick and review stocks he buys. This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Investment guru billionaire Warren Buffett reluctantly bats down Obama’s foolish rhetoric about corporate jets and gives the lowdown about how depreciation works for businesses. “I don’t really see where a business aircraft is different from a business locomotive.” – Warren Buffett “So this is just political theater?” – CNBC’s Joe Kernan “I know what you’re trying to get me to say Joe…” – Warren Buffett

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  1. hunter00000x says:

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  2. iPwnedUnigga says:

    @goldenwingk sweet, cant go wrong with coke.

  3. goldenwingk says:

    @iPwnedUnigga coca-cola

  4. CellphoneProfitInc says:

    How would you like to get paid $300 over and over for clicking a few buttons? Totally legitimate. Ask me for details. Thank you!

  5. bailinnumberguy says:

    A genius is someone who makes look easy what most everyone else finds difficult. Warren Buffett is the personification of a genius.

  6. iPwnedUnigga says:


  7. iPwnedUnigga says:

    Did she just call the King of America a dummy? how dare her!!!!

  8. reeirt says:

    @G0ttaBeFresh Surley, the logic of buying less is you get less and vice versa for a higher rate of purchase. And in many cases if you buy a huge chunk, some sort of deal can be struck “Negotiation” that at the time benefits the company’s liability, yet stabalises it’s shareholders board. Warren, is a pioneer in his craft for being able to read potentiality, and ivnest accordingly. When he bought petrochina’s stake, he had faith it’s going to give him a return, but the dude tripled. AMAZING!

  9. reeirt says:

    @G0ttaBeFresh Surley, the logic of buying less is you get less and vice versa for a higher rate of purchase. And in many cases if you buy a huge chunk, some sort of deal can be struck “Negotiation” that at the time benefits the company’s liability, yet stabalises it’s shareholders board. Warren, is a pioneer in his craft for being able to read potentiality, and ivnest accordingly. When he bought petrochina’s stake, he had faith it’s going to give him a return, but the dude tripled. AMAZING!

  10. specter290 says:

    @AleXXX00AleXXX Berkshire Hathaway sounds so much like a chemical company

  11. G0ttaBeFresh says:

    @proaudiohd He does buy business through public stocks usually. But he just buys a shit load of them. He just has a classic investment style which is what the stock market was made for…

  12. G0ttaBeFresh says:

    @AleXXX00AleXXX Thumbs up on that! Or he just never did drugs when he was young lol 😛

  13. G0ttaBeFresh says:

    He invests his money like a classic investor would. Now days people think an investment is dumping money in a stock that you know nothing about just because you think it will go up or down a little bit and when the stock drops .01% they have a heart attack and wonder what they did wrong lol. Noobs.

  14. AleXXX00AleXXX says:

    one word NZT

  15. proaudiohd says:

    @coffeecat73 – When a guy like Warren Buffet sends your business 10 million dollars, it enables you to create wealth. You can design a better product, advertise, and buy some more trucks. That could generate higher revenue for your company, making it worth more literally. Since he bought a stake in your company, his stake is now worth more. That’s real money he is said to have earned. (He enabled your company to create the wealth). But public stocks and options are more like a game.

  16. peterwatson12 says:

    Great video

  17. HOsPoduction says:

    this guy inspire me to do stocks 🙂

  18. seebyseebs says:

    @Ilasperr That is really funny, because I am 20 and just did the exact same thing a little over a week ago. My dad is a financial advisor so I had a lot of help, but it’s all the same.

  19. Ilasperr says:

    @seebyseebs You are completely right there. Investing is accessible to just about anyone that isn’t living in absolute poverty. I mean I am 18 at the moment and I have invested around 1000 dollars saved from my part time job and in that short period of time that I was investing in stocks I think I learned more about the real world than I ever did in my 4 years of high school.

  20. seebyseebs says:

    @Ilasperr Yes, I agree. I did not mean to make it sound as though it is wise to put large portions of your retirement into stocks. I was just trying to prove a point that you don’t have to be very wealthy to invest in stocks, and it turns out the people I chose for examples had invested a large portion in the stock market. But again, you are very right.

  21. coffeecat73 says:

    @Ilasperr . Many things create wealth. A chef creates wealth by taking the raw materials and putting it into a pleasing form of taste and visual, a cab driver creates wealth by getting you to a destination faster (and time of course is money), a farmer grows food. Of course you have to pay them for their services, but they are creating something to sell, whether it be service, or food item. I know he has worked hard, and of course he is brilliant, but it just shouldnt be allowed to that extent

  22. Ilasperr says:

    @seebyseebs Little diversification with something as important as a retirement fund is a very very risky thing unless they are extremely experienced investors.

  23. Ilasperr says:

    @coffeecat73 Well I personally admire him because his wealth is a result of hard work and careful planning consistently over a long time while everyone else is obsessed with getting rich quick and usually fails miserably in comparison. What you said about not creating wealth and taking it from others applies to just every other profession since wealth by definition is limited. There isn’t that many things that truly creates wealth in society.

  24. ecnerwal999 says:


  25. coffeecat73 says:

    I don’t care how brilliant people think this guy is, no one can earn $357 million in 1 day. NO one can do 357 million in labor in their lifetime. This is just playing a game. He is not creating any wealth. For those that admire Buffet because he knows how to play a game well, he is taking from other people, indirectly. I know someone that works on a farm, growing food 9 hours a day, and gets paid less than $15 an hour. I admire that guy, along with teachers, firemen, maintenance men, etc.

  26. cloudshe says:

    this just confirms the dishonesty behind MOST of what our president tells us

  27. UCSDEngineerDoctor says:


  28. iPwnedUnigga says:

    he is the king of the insider traders

  29. Dan474834 says:

    Exactly. Lower taxes on companies. But why lower personal income taxes on the wealthy?

    If they are creating jobs, they will benfit from the low corporate tax, but no need for the personal tax breaks.

  30. thugishism says:

    @amayzen139 i agree with you man

  31. ros375 says:

    that anchor was on his knees groveling begging him to say something bad about obama.

  32. amayzen139 says:

    Perpetual war = big bucks for Buffett! Vote Obama/Buffett 2012! Obama/Buffett fund raiser—$1.5 billion per plate—kids eat free! Only well-heeled war profiteers may attend this event—who else could afford it? Ha, ha, ha!!! Bis Sis herself will be fondling all attendees at the door. Enjoy!

  33. amayzen139 says:

    Buffett without his billions = Warren who? The only reason anyone cares what this old rascal thinks is because he is obscenely rich and that says a lot about his fans: money = wisdom? What a silly assumption! Show us a billionaire and we’ll show you a greedy money grubbing thief! No decent human being would ever or could ever accumulate that much money.

  34. ninuxy says:

    Corporate jet is a luxury; locomotive is not. way to go to obfuscate there Warren.

    Your gift tax over personal usage of your own jet is not the same as utilizing corporate jet for business (still a luxury).

  35. ryguy86 says:

    @1jaggerd So fucking what.

  36. jpkm123 says:

    What kind of moron doesn’t know how depreciation works and attempts to pontificate on it?

  37. xaviqaz says:

    @fly4vino @fly4vino Buffet is very patriotic. His company has recently made two world record bizjets orders… of brazilian and canadian aircrafts. Above 200 units. He wants to remain as the only rich able to make such orders

  38. backupstuff says:

    Buffet will end up paying Sept 15 2011 let take a look

  39. 1jaggerd says:

    Warren Buffet gave each of his 3 kids $1B to their charity of choice. Kept $2b or so for himself, then promised or gave over $35b to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

  40. TrainedPwner says:

    @krakmxer I think he’s giving his immediately family some (relatively tiny amounts), then most to charity…. either him or Bill Gates is doing that haha not sure

  41. krakmxer says:

    what happens if warren dies?? is he giving all his money to the charity??

  42. usaintltrade says:

    Common sense can’t. Let children and elderly hurt die and be put in slavery all the while these guys the top 1% have all meaning 100% of the money in the usa should be the exact opposite, while the rich 1% don’t hurt pay crap they don’t understand greed does all this

  43. theguvnorjimmy says:

    @Baileygeep7 Buffett makes money out of that through Berkshire…

  44. Baileygeep7 says:

    Not much room to talk from the former obamaha from omaha, his estate tax rhetoric is equally nauseating.

  45. fly4vino says:

    Typical Obama hype. Congress and the president use jets all the time to travel for government business, politics and pleasure. The taxpayers pay for the cost of all but the campaign expenses.

    Corporations use jets to manage their businesses. If the jet does not make money for the business then their companies suffer.

    Taxpayers would be in revolt if they knew how much travel the executive and congressional branches do on jets where there is little or no benefit to the taxpayer.

  46. masercot says:

    Too bad you edited out the part about Republicans holding a “gun to the head of America”…

  47. apimom1974 says:

    do you have the next few minutes of this interview-I missed it all.

  48. hayden50 says:

    karl marx would have been proud of obama.

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