Warren Buffett – I Don’t Know Anything About Running a Railroad

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to WarrenBuffettNews.com – Warren Buffett is the son of an investor and congressman Howard Buffett. He is also a down to earth kind of guy. Buffett doesn’t have a speech prepared for this event, but he will be taking questions. He really enjoys speaking with college students, like those at the University of Montana. Montana is one of the more desirable places to do businesses. BNSF has many employees there, and there are also great training programs there. The best investment you can make is in yourself, and lots of people want to live in Montana, so it is a great place to do business. At Burlington, they are going to invest over 2 billion dollars in capital equipment, so they will hopefully be adding more trains and more cars in and out of Montana. Burlington runs its own business, but Buffett may consider putting in a word with the manager. The managers let Buffett ride in the cab of the railroad one time, so that is basically the extent of his knowledge about how to run a railroad. Michael Porter at Harvard is working with Buffett on a 10000 small business program. It is going quite well. They are learning about accounting and law, and there is a half a billion dollar fund to help them start small businesses. They have even added people to their firms while they have been taking the course. They are getting a lot of education. Mostly, they want to get it right, so it is unlikely that they will be in Montana anytime soon.

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  1. Secundas says:

    9:15 Wonder if that guy’s related to Mr. Plinkett

  2. TenaciouslyWinning says:

    I love how he always takes advantage of the free advertising for coca cola

  3. mbpayne100 says:

    This guy should really let Warren talk.

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