Warren Buffett – How to Become the Person You Want

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to WarrenBuffettNews.com – If you buy the right kind of business with the right people at the right price, then you will do well over time. That is how Warren Buffett made 30% per year. He is the second richest man in America, but he is more well known for his common sense investing advice. On August 14, 1991, Buffett got a call from Solomon telling him that they had just gotten a call from the FED in New York. Solomon had more than 150 billion on their balance sheet, of which only 4 billion was equity. Much of the debt was going to come due within a few weeks. Buffett had to choose between 12 people to run the company while he dealt with regulators and lawyers. To make this decision, he didn’t ask their grades in business school or asked for their resumes. He knew they were all smart enough to run the business. He wanted to know how their machinery worked – how they thought. He was looking for the types of qualities that Benjamin Franklin wrote about 250 years ago. The man he picked never asked what he was getting paid. He never said a word about it and he worked 18 hours a day for months and months. If you looked under your seat today and you got a lucky ticket that gave you the ability to get 10% of the earnings of any of your classmates and you got an hour to decide, who would you pick? What kind of things would you think about? The interesting thing is that the things that you are thinking about are qualities of character, and every

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to WarrenBuffettNews.com – You can create jobs and be Santa Claus at the same time. Even Santa employs quite a few elves. By giving away shares of Berkshire Hathaway, he can make a difference with money that doesn’t mean a thing to him.

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  1. sandwichtaster says:

    @MrNewbsikle he does, in some interviews he says he spends hours on youtube

  2. gschua18 says:

    Warren does love youtube!

  3. 86spoiled says:

    long live capitalism

  4. MrNewbsikle says:

    I’m not sure if Mr Buffet loves youtube or something, but I’m glad these videos are posted.

    Thank you so much

  5. AngelDecoys says:

    Mr Buffett, you are welcome to write a check to the US Treasury at any time to back up your rhetoric with action. Simply stop taking all the legal deductions you currently enjoy which make you a hypocrite. Or how about taking a couple of billion and create a business employing Americans with the sole purpose of assisting American entrepreneurs, inventors, and venture capitalists.

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