Warren Buffett – How to Be an Attractive Person

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to WarrenBuffettNews.com – Ajit Jain gets a lot of advice from Warren Buffett. With almost everything he does, he gets the benefit of running the decision by Buffett to see what he thinks. They like each other, and Ajit is in an interesting business, so they love to talk to each other about business and personal stuff. Buffett gets to choose who he associates with, and that is a tremendous luxury in life. Not only does Ajit make Berkshire better, but he makes Buffett’s personal life better. A valuable exercise is to decide who you would like to go 10% long on and who you would choose to go 10% short. Look at the qualities that those people have. Look at the people that you admire and the people that you can’t stand. The people that you admire don’t have any qualities that you yourself can’t also acquire. You are going to get the best out of people if they like you. If you just write down the attractive qualities and think about them, then your life will be completely different. Everyone liked Ben Graham, and it wasn’t because he was a great investor. He had attractive qualities that he had chosen for himself.

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    watch the vid, dude

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    i respect him for his financial instinct prowess. but what does warren buffet know about being an attractive person ?

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    I love Warren Buffet!!

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    Thank you very much !!

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    finde das echt gut mach weiter so

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