Warren Buffett CEO: Kevin Clayton with Robert Miles

Up close and personal interview with Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes, the largest factory built homebuilder in the United States and a wholly owned subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. For nearly one hour, author Robert Miles interviews Kevin Clayton and covers all aspects of the business from getting started, to taking over from his father, and to selling to Warren Buffett. This video may help the viewer understand the qualitative aspects that Warren Buffett may consider when making an investment. This interview may also showcase one of the eventual successors to Warren Buffett. www.robertpmiles.com

August 25, 2011 News Corp MOXNews.com

25 Responses to “Warren Buffett CEO: Kevin Clayton with Robert Miles”

  1. vambo13257 says:

    @viksra What about when Buffett gets off his knees and quits blowing Obama? The old fool is costing his investors money by playing politics!!

  2. vambo13257 says:

    @viksra What about when Buffett gets off his knees and quits blowing Obama? The old fool is costing his investors money by playing politics!!

  3. vambo13257 says:

    @BarackMcBush Yeah and your idiots at CNBC don’t, huh? Wake up and smell the coffee, Buffett tried to protect Obama and is getting F “ed. Good for the old bastard!

  4. lalamanbtch says:

    well that was embarrassing..

  5. viksra says:

    I like how she says he doesn’t give his money away, when in fact Warren has given billions of dollars to scientific research foundations and charity. That’s billions — with a B… I am going to throw a big party when FOX goes bankrupt or off-air.

  6. Eaglesfaninca says:

    I love how these idiots question the investing Logic of Warren Buffet. That would be like me questioning Peyton Manning’s passing skills.

    Fox News can’t even keep their propaganda off of their business network. Warren Buffet was in favor of raising taxes and they set out to destroy him.

  7. MrHastadam says:

    @PatrickTX100 see thats what you never got kid. it’s not abou the money. it’s all about the game… the game between people. and thats all it is.

  8. choobie12 says:

    Buffet is one of the few people willing to do long term investments, that is pretty good considering the western world is caught up in a 600 trillion dollar speculative bubble.

  9. jovelnom says:

    @PatrickTX100 he is doing that for his next family generation, creating wealth.

  10. MultiMmmmms says:

    @njdevil281 Peter Schiff said a recession is coming. He didn’t say it would happen in 2008. It is obvious the real estate market was a bubble. Did Schiff make money on it? No. Why, because he is a terrible investor. I can point out 2 other bubbles for you. Gold and Treasuries. They will pop, but I wouldn’t short them. If you have your money in gold, you are going to get crushed once things calm down around the world. Bears who preach a recession will eventually be right. Schiff sucks.

  11. PatrickTX100 says:

    Seriously, if I was 80 years old and had the amount of money Buffett has, I’d be retired and enjoying my life, not working and trying to “do deals”.

  12. quxantipe says:

    Warren Buffett is a master at making good deals for himself.
    The moment a company feels/is in need, that is often a good time to make deals. Because “greed” is more powerfull then “need”

  13. etraise2 says:

    Public entities need to be fair to its shareholders, the people. What Buffett did was unfair to the people. It gave something that the people are not allowed to have. That law should not exist.

  14. amayzen139 says:

    Warmongering plunderer posing as an altruist—wow, how original! And millions of sheeple are falling for it! Warren Buffett put your money were your mouth is—donate your fortune to the government today—they need your billions to pay for more wars and the global murdering police state—ain’t them causes you support, your Lordship? What do you need all that money for? Your God Obama need it more than you to expand his wars and the New World Odor! War = profit$! Vote Obama/Buffett 2012!

  15. POC777 says:


    I know just like George S has billions in bars of gold and silver stored. But sooner or later those metals will tarnish and rust and be thrown to the rats in caves because it aint gonna save them from what is coming.

  16. darbycrash661 says:

    @ShadowSandy it’s america. sex should sell news. men should wear suits. women should look like they’re down to give a bj at anytime. duhhhh!

  17. coffeecat73 says:

    This is just wrong. I don’t care how brilliant people think this guy is, no one can earn $700 million in 30 minutes. NO one can do 700 million in labor in their lifetime. This is just playing a game. He is not creating any wealth. For those that admire Buffet because he knows how to play a game well, he is taking from other people, indirectly. I know someone that works on a farm, growing food 9 hours a day, and gets paid less than $15 an hour. I admire that guy, along with teachers, firemen, etc

  18. Chaicoffski says:

    This bimbo can barely read the teleprompter lmao

  19. pureaggression says:

    @njdevil281 Peter Schiff did predict the recession+crash… HE’s an investor. BUFFET would’ve lost all his “investments” in the financials if they hadn’t gotten bailed out, thank you American tax payers sincerely. . . VOTE JEFFERSON 2012.

  20. pureaggression says:

    @ShadowSandy lmao

  21. njdevil281 says:

    @VotePaineJefferson He is an investor not a magician you little boy. Did you predict the 2008 crash?

  22. VotePaineJefferson says:

    @njdevil281 I guess you think it’s a coincidence he didn’t predict the 2008 crash and the media treats him like he’s a god.

  23. njdevil281 says:

    @VotePaineJefferson You NWO fuckheads depress the shit out of me…

  24. hughring says:

    You can’t believe a WORD this network says.

  25. 2013skywalker says:

    WORTHLESS cash , do they have any GOLD

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