Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner

For the latest Warren Buffett, go to WarrenBuffettNews.com – There is no sacrifice among the rich. If you look around the world, there is plenty of sacrifice. People are dying, but no one is calling the country club to let them know about it. People can look forward to their children living better then themselves. The genius of American society has not been lost. We have a genius to this system that creates jobs. No one saw any of the other jobs coming. We don’t know where we will be two years from now, but it will be better than today. The best days for America is ahead. there will be many more goods and services. You can spend your money on yourself or your family, you can pay it in taxes, or you can do philanthropy.

2 Responses to “Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner”

  1. LindaSingerIsland says:

    great minds guide great countries

  2. MrCuntyballs2U says:

    The USA is about to have it’s second Pluto return……. Good luck!

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