vampire diaries | morning after dark

I couldn’t get this song out of my head so after many hours this is what I came out with…..Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 🙂 Song: Morning After Dark Artist: Timbaland feat. SoShy and Nelly Furtado Comment. Rate. Subscribe 🙂 No copyright infringement intended. I own nothing.

25 Responses to “vampire diaries | morning after dark”

  1. PKatherine86 says:

    Great video!

  2. katherinepiece says:

    finalmente lo hai rimesso nn capisco perche prima lo avevi tolto cmq è bellissimo il video!!!!!

  3. msontario18 says:

    well done!

  4. HausofSarah says:

    Of course! Just went and changed all of my videos so they can be played on mobile devices 🙂 Thank you for letting me know!!

  5. sabrina77606 says:

    bellissimo questo video!!!!!la canzone è affeccatissima complimenti!!!!!!!!!

  6. damonobsession says:

    great video! i love it!

  7. damonobsession says:

    cool great i have no words !!!

  8. sandrawayland says:

    I can’t stop watching this video
    I love it (L)

  9. sandraswansea says:

    Love your video <3

  10. Sweet97Lollipop says:

    i really miss anna and lexi!:'(
    why did they have to die??!!!

  11. ibonishi says:

    nice one!!!! ………. m/

  12. xxxsophie01xxx says:

    this is fanastic love the video and love the song 🙂

  13. GurlyScreech13 says:

    well believe it girl, cause u got talent!

  14. RockRaganzC says:

    1:28 what episode is that?

  15. Carezz14 says:

    what ep is 0.53 ??

  16. HausofSarah says:

    WOW Thanks soooooo much for all of the comments, likes and views!!!! Can’t believe it <3

  17. razycrandomgirl says:

    this is so hot!

  18. HausofSarah says:

    Season 1, Episode 8 “162 Candles”

  19. HausofSarah says:

    Season 1, Episode 13 “Children of the Damned”

  20. ResurrectAnna says:

    at 2:34, what episode is it?

  21. ResurrectAnna says:

    what episode 1:35?

  22. JudeandTommyForever8 says:

    0:18 is definitely in episode 6. You’re talking about Vicki & Damon dancing correct? And 0:32 is from episode 13.

  23. Angel9837 says:

    @hausofsarah no i watched ep 6… are you sure o:18 and 0:32 are in ep6?

  24. HausofSarah says:

    Season 1 Episode 6 🙂

  25. Angel9837 says:

    what ep is 0:18 and )32 in???

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