Value Investing Conference 2008 #1

“Introduction to Value Investing”

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  1. muhammadzahmad says:

    this is worth watching…

  2. muhammadzahmad says:

    this is worth watching…

  3. muhammadzahmad says:

    this is worth watching…

  4. hairytoothgaming says:

    Wow! Two hours,… that is impressive. It’s an investment just to sit here and watch this whole video! 🙂

  5. katheryncruz24 says:

    Nice upload

  6. liangQ1 says:

    very nice

  7. DoughJames says:

    @XironRules Ok….that really wasn’t my point. But, congratulations?? I guess?

  8. XironRules says:

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  9. DoughJames says:

    @XironRules Value Investing Darden MBA

    He just seems 2 invest in what d big investors invest in. He keeps talking about Buffett; there4, he invested in Berkshire.

    He keeps talking about Bill Ackman. Ackman is a king on Wall Street. He said since Ackman shorted MBIA, he did as well. Ackman owns a large stake in Target. So, he invested into Target.

    He talks about owning Sears. Ed Lampert-billionaire investor-is the largest holder in Sears.

    Is this what a HBS degree gets u? Copying smart guys.

  10. andyhennes says:

    Many thanks for sharing these valuable thoughts and concepts. Especially because the value investing scene in Germany is not that organized and popular at universities as it deserves to be.

    Although I have been studying value investing for 6 years now, I still become excited listening to investing professionals about value investing every single time.

    – Andreas Hennes

  11. AmberGypsySky says:

    I love at 25:11…wink wink nudge nudge say no more

  12. foster2367 says:

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  13. philipjterry says:

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  14. commercialmats says:

    This is very interesting thought at the same time I don’t understand everything that is said. I guess I need to go through this course a lot too.

  15. adrianmeli1 says:

    For anyone who hasn’t watched this entire Darden conference, I highly recommend it. They got together such a great group of smart, thoughtful, and classy investors that is rare to find in one spot. It is fortunate they let this be recorded and uploaded. – Adrian Meli

  16. kawola17 says:

    @XironRules Buy, buy, buy!

  17. 1Grosvenor3 says:

    @gregr59 his 6 or 8 points everyone should adhere to when investing, is exactly what Warren Buffett preaches in every interview i see of him. I suppose its better to use those tried and tested methods than those that havent.

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  19. adrianmeli1 says:

    Great video, well worth the time for anyone to watch. Glad someone posted it. – Adrian Meli

  20. adrianmeli1 says:

    Great video, well worth the time for anyone to watch. Glad someone posted it. – Adrian Meli

  21. igshock1 says:

    great education!!!! thanks

  22. criseldaprangehkg says:

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  25. synette says:

    I am coming to my 5th time watching this lecture by Whitney tilson each time i realize something new and different.

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