U20M 800 Metres – 2009 Southern Champs

South of England Track & Field Championships Seniors and Under 20’s Woodside Stadium, Watford Saturday 20th June and Sunday 21st June 2009 Under 20 Mens 800 Metres Heat 1 1 Sam Petty North Devon AC Q 1:57.40 2 Thomas Marsden Worthing & District Q 1:57.78 3 Gavin Lewis Woodford Green/EL Q 1:58.09 4 Philippe Essink Radley AC Q 1:58.28 5 Mark Booth Wycombe Phoenix Harriers q 1:58.65 6 Joseph Gaynor Herts Phoenix AC q 1:58.80 Heat 2 1 Josh Moss Stevenage & North Herts Q 2:00.38 2 Omar Mansour Woodford Green/EL Q 2:00.49 3 John McDonnell Luton AC Q 2:00.76 4 Louis Walshe Herts Phoenix AC Q 2:01.33 5 Benjamin Parry Herts Phoenix AC 2:02.12 6 Christopher Hepworth Ealing Southall & Middx 2:06.17 Heat 3 1 Matt Grant South London Harriers Q 2:01.90 2 Dale Clutterbuck Basildon AC Q 2:02.07 3 Zac Randall Wycombe Phoenix Harriers Q 2:02.14 4 Harry Carter City of Portsmouth AC Q 2:02.45 5 Harry Fisher Team Southampton 2:02.53 Heat 4 1 Michael Di Laura Worthing & District Q 1:59.17 2 Adam Smith Brighton & Hove City AC Q 1:59.21 3 Chris James Basildon AC Q 1:59.36 4 Ben Wallis Guildford & Godalming AC Q 1:59.38 5 Jason Prickett Invicta East Kent AC q 1:59.39 6 Tom McKellar Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC 2:06.42 7 Jamie Smith Enfield & Haringey AC 2:08.55 Heat 5 1 Mitch White Bracknell AC Q 1:58.97 2 David Gibbon Colchester & Tendring AC Q 1:59.04 3 James Senior City of Norwich AC Q 1:59.37 4 Marcus Bridger-Wilkinson Newbury AC Q 1:59.47 5 Alexander Jones Enfield & Haringey AC q 1:59.89 6

I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG!! all copyright go to Drake,Young Money Records I decided to mess with the autotune and do sumtin to drake’s Sooner Than Later. This talks about past relationships that ended because of being busy with music and whatnot. just tryna be real ­čÖé “Power” comin out in a few weeks!! Keep supporting the Remix with MARIBELLE ANES ­čÖé hrisjay.tumblr.com twitter.com/chrisjay808 youtube.com/chrisjaytv

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  2. YoungFlirtzMusicUK says:

    naa sorry mate its my bad, i didnt notice you said verse , the verse where hes´╗┐ rappin is him, so yeah sorry mate my bad

  3. chrisjaytv says:

    @YoungFlirtzMusicUK the only lyrics i used from´╗┐ the original was the singin parts

  4. chrisjaytv says:

    huh?? drakes lyrics?? i didnt´╗┐ bite any lyrics from him

  5. DJO808FTW says:

    LMAO! My bad.´╗┐ They are still good though ^____^

  6. YoungFlirtzMusicUK says:

    thats not his lyrics there´╗┐ drakes loooooool

  7. HawaiiKings says:

    What version of´╗┐ autotune you running

  8. skittle1234567890 says:

    This is´╗┐ good! keep it up.

  9. DJO808FTW says:

    damn, the lyrics in your verses are truly amazing… The banner is nutz too btw. haha, keep it up man´╗┐ your doing fantastic! ­čÖé

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