Tommy Pooch is like 35 yrs old LMAO!

Pictured are some ol’ gangstar (using the term loosely ;)) friends from South Beach, and some heroes from my past. Ms. Mariann Shannon Harris, friend and teacher at Booker T. Washington for forty years. Also, President of Tom Jones fan club! Mr. Benjamin Williams, former Principal at the now Landmark/Museum Walker Elementary aka Old Dillard, Mrs. Shaw, Modern dance teacher at Dillard High School of Performing Arts for forty years,, like 85 years old at the time of this photo, danced with Martha Graham during Ellington era! Edward Villella of Miami City Ballet (both pictured in the Miami Herald with me at Dillard High School). My sister Kim Morgan Miss Fort Lauderdale High School & Homecoming Queen. Also, Sonia, my sister/best friend Marcela Morgan, Doyle Jr., and my grandmother Elizabeth Halliburton Salisbury. Pictured are old friends and fellow promoters Tommy Pooch (How about that first pizza parlor connected to Spo-dee-o-dees, which had been Washington Square? Ha!), Savoia, John Hood (Fat Black Pussycat), Ernie (Fat Black Pussycat). Club/early South Beach proprietor Zori Hyan (big initial investor in South Beach during the (yikes!!!) 80’s (before my time, a dangerous time, Miami Vice era) and owner of Cameo and The Warsaw Ballroom. He used to tell me some STORIES!!! Dino Osteria, owner of Osteria Del Teatro. I can’t remember a single time that he didn’t demand I sit and eat the special of the day on the house, anytime I passed his restaurant, “At least a dessert” he

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  1. MoveMakerTV says:

    Wow this was unexpected lol your story is real cool – I didn’t start going to Miami until 97 but I was out on the beach promoting clubs at times and I know you know names like Tommy Pooch, Michael Capponi, Louis Canales, Gerry kelly, Paciello, etc were always coming up on the scene. I love Miami – I always go back… anyway thanks for sharing – for real – even the music… I had to sing Sentimental Journey in grade school lol… thanks, this was fun. I gotta check out your website

  2. prollandjayver says:

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  3. vikkalikk92 says:

    lmfao my mom’s friends w. me he’s so cool whenever we go 2 miami he gets us in places love him

  4. andiejanefisher says:

    Is that Doris Day singing?


    Actually, I just watched the video again and saw a beau maybe two. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this one.


    Thanks! None of these fellows are a fellow of mine though! Nor, have they ever been! Just wanted to clear that up.

  7. CanogaParker says:

    You have always been a true beauty, Kate. May you always be so. Also, a big thumbs up on the fella, he’s a lucky man, and (I hope) you’ve done well.


    It’s just a JVC mini-dv with “aged film” effect from I-Movie. I’m really just a novice/hobbyist vlogger. Not a pro videographer like yourself. Ha! I had to think for a moment what 8mm was!

  9. quince911 says:

    You know I met Eddie V. for the Underwater Doc and he is such an inspiriation!! Great old photos!! Is that 8mm I see there too??

  10. BruceFBrown says:

    I watched this 3 times and I finally found Eddie Villella but where the heck is Sarah Estelle Revel Shaw??? You know she is still dancing!

  11. chelita529 says:

    This one is my new favorite Katie video. I love, love, LOVE it. Want more of it!!!

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