The Secret of Moonacre

After being orphaned, young Maria Merryweather leaves her luxurious home to live with her eccentric uncle at the mysterious Moonacre Manor. There, she discovers a magical world torn apart by an ancient feud and inhabited by outlandish characters and mythical beasts. Now, Maria must unearth the secrets of her past before the 5000th moon rises and Moonacre Manor disappears into the sea forever. Starring Tim Curry, Ioan Gruffudd, Juliet Stevenson and Dakota Blue Richards. Based on the novel “The Little White Horse” by Elizabeth Goudge. From Emmy Award-winning director Gabor Csupo (Bridge to Terabithia, Creator of “Rugrats” and “The Wild Thornberrys”). MPAA Rating: PG Rated PG for some mild peril and language

‪‪‬‬ Our band refused a great chance to be heard on The Howard Stern Show due to it’s pornographic content. See details at our website. (Best Status – Unsigned Band Indie Artists / Unsigned Artist / Indie bands) Download free music online at our website. It…

25 Responses to “The Secret of Moonacre”

  1. Laws631 says:

    Hey I write also, can I email you ? Gospel only

  2. spunk socks says:

    can i interest you in a sock?

  3. chinxy3000 says:

    To the non-believers christianity is not a (religon) its a heart felt relationship with JESUS CHRIST. Religon is a man made agenda. All I can say is the devil is using people to attack christians. Fools don’t let him use you a hope and pray you except JESUS salvation b4 he crack the sky and we that are save will be gone in a twinkling of an eye. Amen and Amen

  4. HouseOfPeaTV says:

    “Attack against the rap industry”? Since when do Christians attack anyone? And why are 99.9% of religious people hypocritical ignorants?

  5. Harry Doolan says:

    i bet he was one those damn homosexuals who also thought the world wasn’t made 7000 years ago huh?
    damn i bet he was into all “evolution” too

  6. davidmorrisey4life says:

    ich leibe jesus

  7. pacemaker2point0 says:

    I’m on the dark side of YouTube again xD

  8. MessiahYeshuah says:

    You see, that’s the point. God’s Kingdom is NOT of this world.  Hence, we don’t care about prestige or notariety in THIS World. Our reward is in the afterlife, because we love and obey God.

  9. thedaybreakproject says:

    Hi there! Nice music and respect your stand point. Throw a bone to a struggling Eastern European Christian band and recommend us if you can. (Songs in English so don’t fret). God bless u all. Ad – DAYBREAK

  10. MrYou4ia says:

    I talked with a skeptic and scoffer, who blasphemed God because in his eyes this “God” never did anything for him. I said this God died for you. He wouldn’t have it. He wouldn’t listen to or accept historical evidence, archaological evidence, or scientific evidence supporting intelligent design. Not even Bible prophecy, like Isaiah 53 from 700 BC +-.

  11. BrandtMorain says:

    Notice from Brandt Morain Studios:

    Our recent appearance on the Radio Show, “The Manning Report”, has become a YouTube Featured Video!

    We have links to the interview in our description. You can also watch the interview at our website. Or, you can find the video by doing a YouTube search for:

    Brandt Morain

    You will see the video displayed in the “Featured Videos” section of the resulting search page.

    We discuss our attack against the Rap industry in this interview.


  12. BrandtMorain says:

    Many have wondered why so many folks attack us. The answer is simple. We have ethical standards.

    We fight against Music Piracy.

    We refused a chance at Howard Stern show due to porn.

    We refuse to sign up to Itunes because of unethical EULA agreements.

    We attack the Rap industry.

    We hate Eminenema and Lady GaGme trash modern music.

    We write Christian songs.

    We attack the Grammy’s


    This just happens to make folks angry. Too bad. We will not compromise.

  13. johnny6512 says:

    Nickelback sucks

  14. CaptainNehoc says:

    Good track. I’m no Christian, but this is dope.

  15. Patrick Morgan says:

    nice job man

  16. Montanaknites says:

    …and that’s why there isn’t a larger dialogue between theists and atheists…

  17. cbilljones says:

    Sorry, i should not have posted, i didn’t realise this videos comments were subject to fascist approval.

  18. cbilljones says:

    8: you support a terrorist religion that condones rape and murder. Christianity is not something to be proud of, its something to be ashamed of.

  19. D3THPyromaniacBUck says:

    Dang whats the point of coming here just to say God doesnt exist? Some people need to find Christ or just flip off.


    to all the people commenting on how there is no god, if you do not believe or have faith then don’t come to this video and hate.

  21. PatrickBateman215 says:

    You refused a chance at Howard Stern because of porn? I highly doubt Howard Stern even invited you assholes onto his show to begin with. iTunes sucks in general so I only agree with you on that. I would pay top dollar to see the likes and dislikes this video has…but sadly, you assholes feel the need to censor all of your fans because some people dont like your music and if everyone doesn’t like you music, then no one can vote freely or comment freely because yous cant handle criticism.

  22. PatrickBateman215 says:

    Plus, you guys fight piracy? Good job…even though Signed Musicians don’t make any kind of money to actually live off of record sale wise what so ever and most musicians money are made through touring and selling merch like shirts and hats and such. You attack the Grammys? Why? What is your beef with the Grammys? Is it because they gave a gay musician an award or something? Yeah, thats another reason why this “TOP CHRISTIAN UNSIGNED BAND” isn’t signed by anyone. Because your bigots.

  23. realmorland says:

    It’s very sad all of you think like this,us Christians love you all even though you hate us,I hope you all change so I can say hello to you in Heaven instead of look down an see you guys in hell.

  24. UMGRAVITY says:

    I don’t feel like watching it? Haha, so what’s the problem with the song?…

  25. Tim Sterry says:

    You, sir, are a stand up guy. Thank you for this. Self serving, HATEFUL christians is not what God chose. He’s about acceptance. These people just look to hard into the Bible. I’m Catholic, but acceptance is CLEARLY in the bible. And, WHO ARE THEY TO SAY THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE BAD? God? Only God can judge, not self serving human trash. 🙂 Cheers.

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