The River 68’s – Just The Way (That You Do It)

Just The Way (That You Do It) is the DEBUT single from The River 68’s and will be released on 10th July 2011! Direction, Camera and Editing – Benjamin Cowie Camera and Assistant Director – Keir ‘Dawson’ Siewert

11 Responses to “The River 68’s – Just The Way (That You Do It)”

  1. godofazza says:

    awesome video and the best part is, the drummer is my cousin! hahaha and i always wanted to be related to someone famous (cue evil laugh) bwahahahahaha!

  2. adnamanwad says:

    Sweet! x

  3. BigDuke921 says:

    do these guys have an album or just a bunch of single out the now ?

  4. MrBowww1 says:

    Rockin’ that mic like Steve Tyler lol

  5. luke200202 says:

    black crowes or what ?

  6. Magoocfc87 says:

    Class 🙂

  7. sophalophe says:

    You guys were amazing at T in the Park! Absolutely loved it.

  8. phototroon says:

    What Ahole dizny like this. I bet he/she is a Lady Ga Ga fan therefore nae taste in class music.

  9. abigsmellyboaby says:

    haha nice one . nice shoes craig 😉

  10. CYBYEH says:

    Belter Lads, keep it up.


  11. rabthecab says:

    Absolute feckin class guys!

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