The Miz uncages the animal MVP

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25 Responses to “The Miz uncages the animal MVP”

  1. 2011kaymarie says:

    the miz is awesome

  2. tubs6199 says:

    Miz is actually a nice guy i met him before.

  3. stuvvi says:

    @Mr1131988 you kidding me?
    MVP was technical one of the best

  4. SpecsCoupe1115 says:

    WWE (Un)Creative really dropped the ball on this feud. In the right hands, this would’ve become a ‘Mania main event status.

  5. Mr1131988 says:

    WWE could’ve used this feud to build 2 new main eventers they way they used the IC title to elevate The Rock and HHH. Instead they dropped the ball on MVP for the rest of the year. The Miz deserves some of his accolades and is undoubtedly charismatic but MVP was the total package. He was way better on the mic, his look screamed Superstar and he may not have been the best in the ring but was a good worker nonetheless. Better than Miz for sure.

  6. DarkXtremeRichard says:

    The Miz is Awesome in 2011 yeah .

  7. kcdavy09 says:

    @bbridgesjones dude dont pay that crap any attention… stupid comment to begin with.

  8. fullhappiness1 says:

    @bbridgesjones and pathetic utterance !  you are perfection in yo dreams ! 🙂

  9. bbridgesjones says:

    @fullhappiness1 sure am i never leave a crumb behind. PATHETIC Perfection!!!!!

  10. fullhappiness1 says:

    @bbridgesjones  yea looks like u r perfect .. pathetic

  11. Kingoftheunknown100 says:

    @saddler1100 actually he was runner up on tough enough the winner is barely surviving mma while mike is a former wwe champ

  12. Someone2317 says:

    @saddler1100 like they are friends in real life… that should happen on the storyline to be more real… ya know??

  13. Someone2317 says:

    @saddler1100 i know, and i know that when he came for smackdown they really didnt like him (real life he said on a interview that they look at him with hate and that was really hard..etc here is the video
    /watch?v=77gjxP74_RM) but im talking about storylines… like they kick him from the locker room and than jomo hold him with his hand and miz brokes hes arm… are u getting what im saying?? miz should be happy that finally having a friend.. get it?? (in the storyline)

  14. bbridgesjones says:

    Dude, needs to learn to eat chicken. When you eat it right there are no crumbs!!!!!

  15. MsSteveperryfan says:

    thts rly sad poor miz

  16. saddler1100 says:

    @Someone2317 actually miz started on smackdown as the host of the show and then started wrestling for a year before he went to ecw he become more popular over on ecw and then teamed with morrison
    so he got kicked out the locker room on smackdown

  17. vertigoboy75i says:

    lmfao at the JBL voice Miz imitated

  18. iceteasahne says:

    the us title was so prestigehigh cuz of miz. with kofi its worthless.

  19. nighstar18 says:

    Good Rivalry…

  20. Someone2317 says:

    THIS DONT MAKE SENCE!!!! wwe writters are crazy… because when Miz first came to wwe on ecw, morrison accept him as a friend AND as a partner but the miz betrays him and now hes saying anyone accept him………..morrison did!!! WWE WRITTERS ARE F******* CRAZY!

  21. Radicalsuraj says:

    “Really?! A monkey flinging poop, REALLY?? ” lmao… miz isn’t all that but when he says that line, i crack up everytime

  22. PureDynamiteKid says:

    This should have beena Main Event feud instead of having Cena, Orton and HHH rammed down our throats every single week

  23. chris939352 says:

    they should’ve given the us title to mvp or the ic title before survivor series, thats why he quit

  24. edster247 says:


  25. vanceisvloggin says:

    the promo where i recognized that the miz had what it takes to be what he is today

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