The Last Donna

The Last Donna Song: I will not lose Album: Eat Your Heart Out Beast Modez Entertainment Directed By: Benjamin West

By Philip Scott Johnson Artists and works in order (Left / Right) 0:02 Philipp Otto Runge — Self Portrait / Albert Lynch — Portrait of a Young Woman with a Hat 0:07 Hans Memling — Portrait of Tommaso Portinari / Hans Holbein the Elder — Portrait of Katharina Schwarz 0:09 Lorenzo Lotto — Portrait of a Young Man / Angelo Bronzino — Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo 0:15 Ilya Repin — Portrait of the Artist Vasily Surikov / John Constable — Portrait of Maria Bicknell 0:17 Alexandre Cabanel – Portrait of Prince KA Gorchakov / John Singer Sargent — Portrait of Mrs. Charles E. Inches 0:21 Benjamin West — Portrait of Mr. John Williams / Thomas Gainsborough — Portrait of Mrs. Graham 0:24 Rembrandt – Portrait of Marten Looten / Peter Paul Ruebens – Portrait of the Lady-in-Waiting of the Infanta Isabella 0:28 Julius LeBlanc Stewart – Self Portrait / Mary Cassatt – Young Woman with Auburn Hair in a Pink Blouse 0:31 Sandro Botticelli – Portrait of a Young Man with a Red Cap / Andrea Solario – Portrait of a Lute Player 0:35 Frederick Sandys – Portrait of Cyril Flower Lord Battersea / Dante Gabriel Rossetti – Alexa Wilding 0:37 Dmitry Levitzky – Portrait of Colonel EI Palmenbah / Allan Ramsay — Portrait of Miss Cragie 0:43 Thomas Eakins — Portrait of Samuel Murray / Thomas Eakins — Portrait of Maude Cook 0:45 Raphael – Portrait of Agnolo Doni / Raphael – Portrait of a Woman (La Muta) 0:49 Leonardo da Vinci – Portrait of a Musician / Bartolomeo Veneto – Portrait of a Young Lady

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    actually you dont! but thanks for the hate we need more haters!!! we winning

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    you need a magnifying glass to see whatever is on her chain. lol

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    i agree with you! shot in miami in the home of the 1st 48 !! sh good in every hood .. not shot on south beach… Make sure yall go get that Eat Your Heart Out mix cd!!!

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    best female rapper out period

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    This is so interesting.

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    I’m excited ; )

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    completely enchanting !!

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    Assulutamente magnifico ! Grazie mille Raf ! 🙂

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    Thank you!

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    Merci pour votre belle sélection, un grand plaisir !!

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    Beautiful video !

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    you are amazing!

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    Beautiful video

    Thanks for sharing

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    Wonderful videos ! eggman ! Thanks for sharing.

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    I love classical painting and these almost seemed an insight into the real people the way they moved into the next person. Thanks for scenes.

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    love your videos eggman, thank you

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    Very artistic and beautiful music!!

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    Very beautiful video Love It Blessings Isis

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    Delightful and exquisite… thank you Philip!

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    wow love your work so much, great video, thanks 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing this very beautiful!!

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    thanks for sending Philip, love the turning-towards-couples

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    It’s amazing the way you arrange several elements and make a unique art . Another masterpiece of yours. Thank you Phil. I wish you create more ..

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    omg !

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    We are very impressed ! Bravo from Paris (France)

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    Those are nice, the folks commenting sound funnier than the expressions you painted on those faces.

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    Splendid dear Philip!!!! Thanks!!!! Big huggies Perla.

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    Very beautiful!!

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