The Krone Experiment (scenes) – Morocco The Kremlin

The first scene is the opening of the feature film, “The Krone Experiment”. It is set in Morocco and features a lively cast of sheep. The second is another early scene that takes place at the Kremlin in Moscow. Directed by J. Robinson Wheeler Produced by J. Robinson Wheeler & Benjamin Pascoe Based on the novel by J. Craig Wheeler Featuring Rich Simental, Robert Graham, Phillip Ayliffe, Charles Pascoe, Bill Gainer, Morganna Thomas, Ryan Bust, Christopher Dwyer, & Helen Pascoemaroc foot chemakh les lions de l’atlas Bouteflika Afrique Alger Maghrebi Love sunah Amérique Annaba Arabie Blida Cinéma Clubs Constantine Corruption Culture Etats-Unis Footbal lInternational Kabylie Libye Maroc Oran Organisations internationales Politique Rabat Réalisateurs Sahara marocain Sétif Société Sport Télévision numériqueTerrorisme Tunisie Union Africaine Washington WikiLeaks

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