The Final Epidemic Trailer

The final edition of our NC performing Arts Media Production trailer. Authored by Russell Coid, Lawryn Graham, Billie McMahon, Suzanne McGurk and Nick Ross (Me). Enjoy it and please comment on how you think it went. We secured permission from Breaking Benjamin for use of their track and please pardon the minor sweary word at the end. Kick Ass!

9 Responses to “The Final Epidemic Trailer”

  1. oELGATOo says:

    good work guys :)

  2. JRTonline says:

    Well… After god knows how many months we finally broke the 200 views mark. Keep watching guys and lets break 1,000! Cheers all ye faithful!

  3. jimjo16 says:

    thats neice lauren great actor

  4. jimjo16 says:

    good video thats my neice lauren in it

  5. cuttyytoll says:

    Fuck Off Gutrie

  6. gemster1992 says:

    ahhhha gut got shot in the face lol!

  7. nonrunner16 says:

    hahaaa classs :] x

  8. MasterGutry1690 says:

    Oh baby yeah Hing btw the brawest zombies still live n kicking. Hing…

  9. iluvmysonowen says:

    we are amazing(:(: it’s suzie btw:L xxx

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