The Black Genocide (Maafa21)

The Genocide of the Children of Israel, the so-called African Americans, Hispanic and Native Indians…THIS IS A MUST WATCH!!!! PLEASE watch the ENTIRE video, you can watch Trey Songz videos later. List of the REAL BIBLICAL ISRAELITES Judah — Black Americans Benjamin — West Indians Levi — Haitians Simeon — Dominicans Zebulun — Guatemalans, Panamanians Ephraim — Puerto Ricans Manasseh — Cubans Gad — Native American Indians Reuben — Seminole Indians Asher — Colombians, Uruguayans Naphtali — Argentines, Chileans Issachar — Mexicans

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  1. tomhikooo says:


  2. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    Yes Ahayah is the Hebrew God. The church will be open for all people willing to accept the truth contained in the Bible. The purpose of the church is to awake our people to the truth. They have to accept that the so-called Negroes, Hispanic and Native Indians are the people of the Bible.

  3. NatedogJr says:

    ……so Ahayah is the Hebrew God, not Yahweh.

    Please start the church ASAP so the black people can unite and separate from the “other people”. We are in a diaspora…..

  4. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    That’s the danger in assuming. No I’m not those guys in purple robes. No I don’t scream on street corners. Yes so-called Mexicans are Hebrew Israelites by BLOOD. Who are you?

  5. Alverthorpe says:

    lol, yeah the mexicans are the “real” jews… are u one of those nuts dressed in purple robes, screaming on the street corner about the lost tribes of israel? yeah you’re lost alright

  6. Alverthorpe says:

    “The Hi-Jacking” of Eugenics. Hate to break the news to you, but The eugenicists weren’t using “code words” when speaking of feeblemindedness, idiots, paupers, etc. While certainly, racist elements eixsted within the Eugenics movement, it was primarily about purifying ThEIR OWN race.

  7. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    Ahayah id the God of the Bible, not a deity. He’s the God that told Moses to go into Egypt to tell Pharoah to let his people go, Moses asked God saying “Who am I supposed to say sent me” God said “I am that I am” Yahweh was put into our records so we wouldn’t find our God.

  8. NatedogJr says:

    So Yaweh is the fake Jews god??? But, Ahayah is the real Jew’s deity.

    You quoted [“Yahweh is a pagan deity belonging to the Jewish people.”]

    And the country I am in is the United States….

  9. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    Where you from brother?

  10. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    We broke his laws, statues and commandments. God promised the land of Israel to us only if we followed the laws, statues and commandment contained in the Bible, but we didn’t and God removed from his sight, which is the land of Israel. He moved another Nation into Israel and removed us unto all Nations. Gods name in the Bible is Ahayah in the Hebrew, Yahweh is a pagan deity belonging to the Jewish people. You have to do your part, study and spread the word. I’m about to start a church soon.

  11. NatedogJr says:

    What did the Jews do to to God (Yahweh) to make the Assyrians and Babylonians take over the Land of Judah and Israel.

    We need to unite all of Judah’s descendants somehow and build our own nation. But how? Like this video said Blacks ( Real, Biblical Jews) are in a genocide. We need to move before it is too late.

  12. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    Yes between 722-721 BCE the northern kingdom of Israel were led away captive by the Assyrians. And the southern Kingdom of Judah were led into Babylonian captivity 586 (BCE). Both the northern kingdom and the southern kingdom went into captivity for not following the Law of God.

  13. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    Yes Shem is Noah’s son. The only people to Shem are the Hebrews. The Phoenicians were Hebrews who migrated to the land of Canaan (Israel). The Arabs come from the Abraham son Ishmael, he as nothing to do with the Hebrews. The Hebrews came from the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, not Ishmael (Arabs). Yes, its really Shemite not Semite.

  14. NatedogJr says:

    And as for Israel, the fake Jews are on stolen land, right? By the 9th century BCE, the Kingdom of Israel became a local power before the Neo-Assyrians conquered it by 722 BCE.

    And to the south of Israel, the Kingdom of Juah emerged in the 8th century BCE and enjoyed a period of prosperity as a client-state of the greater empires of the region before a revolt against the Neo-Babylonian Empire led to its destruction in 586 BCE.

  15. NatedogJr says:

    So Shem is Noah’s son. When I looked up Semite, it meant a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs.

    But Shemite redirects to Semite?????

  16. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    Majority of those Jewish people come from Russia, who migrated from the Khazar Empire. They are Europeans. A female Yahweh I’m not too sure on, but I know the Pagans would often put Ishtar “the Queen of Heaven” with male deities to push a trinity doctrine. Ishtar is a Babylonian female deity that the Israelites worshipped while in captivity in Babylon.

  17. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    I would run it according to the Bible. The scriptures say that God will bring his kingdom to earth, so we’ll be under the kingdom of the MOST HIGH. Christ will be in charge, his going to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The kingdom of heaven on earth will be a righteous kingdom for any nation of people who submit to the God of Israel.

  18. NatedogJr says:

    So Fake Jews are white people (“The majority of white people come from the seed of Esau” + “The fake Jews in Israel come from the seed of Esau”)

    Most say that Jews (Fake) aren’t White, yet they look white.

    Is there a female Yaweh? A wife of Yahweh?

  19. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    Yes they use it interchangeably. The majority of the fake Jews came from the Khazar Empire (Eastern Europe) (Russia) and converted to Judaism in 740 A.D. after the war with the Arabs. The majority of white people come from the seed of Esau, Jacob’s brother. Read Gen. 25. The fake Jews in Israel come from the seed of Esau and NOT JACOB.

  20. NatedogJr says:

    And is there a “female” Yahweh?

    Where did the fake Jews come from? Where did white people come from?

  21. NatedogJr says:

    So YHWH = Yahweh (pronunciation) = Yah (for short) = Tetragrammaton = YHVH.

    If you are to set up a nation for the real Jews, how would it be run. A republic, kingdom, empire? And type of economic system would you use? Market, Planned,?

    What would the culture be? Who would be in charge? Foreign policy? etc, etc, etc

  22. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    Yes that’s correct brother. And Yah, Yahweh and the Tetragrammaton YHWH and YHVH are deities. Also the Jewish people believed that the TRUE name of God was too sacred so the took the name of God out and replaced it with Yahweh and YHWH.

    The fact is not many Blacks know the truth. A lot of our people don’t know what happened to us, therefore, they don’t know who they really are. Our history didn’t start 400 yrs ago like most Blacks think.

  23. NatedogJr says:

    Ok….. so Noah is the top patriarch. He is from Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq, NE Syria, SE Turkey, SW Iran.) His descendant is Abraham. Abraham and Sarah mated and Issac is born. Issac and Rebekah mated and Jacob is Born. Jacob and Leah mated and Judah is born. Mary and St. Joseph gave birth to Jesus.

    And Yahweh is the deity? and YHWH?

    Also, how many Blacks accept that they are Judah’s great “to the infinity” grandchildren?

  24. BloodinthisCOUNTRY says:

    Judaism holy book is the satanic Talmud. The Torah belongs to the real Jews. The Law was given to Moses. First 5 books of the bible. Gen, Exo, Lev, Num, Deut. No Jacob mated with Leah the daughter of Laban his mother Rebecca brother, thus came Judah from Jacob and Leah. Yes Judah was a Black. Yes, Judah is the grandfather of Jesus as was King David, he comes from their lineage.

  25. NatedogJr says:

    And “ish” means “Typical or similar to.”

    The Judaism holy book is the “Torah”, which is the Old Testament. And the Old Testament came from Moses? Right.

    And Judah was black, right.

    Abraham is Jacob’s grandfather. Jacob’s father is Issac. So Jacob and his sister mated and Judah is born. Judah is Jesus’s grandfather. Jesus’ father is Kind David…..

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