The Bill Christmas 2000 The Night Before 1 of 5

The Bill Christmas 2000 The Night Before 1 of 5 Lisa Geoghan … PC Polly Page Andrew Paul … PC Dave Quinnan Graham Cole … PC Tony Stamp Chris Simmons … DC Mickey Webb George Rossi … DC Duncan Lennox Jeff Stewart … PC Reg Hollis René Zagger … PC Nick Klein Samantha Robson … PC Vicky Hagen Alex Walkinshaw … PC Dale Smith Natalie Roles … DS Debbie McAllister Gary Grant … DC Paul Riley Ben Roberts … Ch. Insp. Derek Conway Simon Rouse … DCI Jack Meadows Steven Hartley … Supt. Tom Chandler Tania Emery … DC Kate Spears Tony O’Callaghan … Sgt. Matthew Boyden Suzanne Maddock … PC Cass Rickman Trudie Goodwin … Sgt. June Ackland Karl Collins … DC Danny Glaze Ben Peyton … PC Ben Hayward Lesley McGuire … Jenny Quinnan Euan Morton … Fraser Kate Steavenson-Payne … Lizzie Mike Goodenough … Steve Dominic Coleman … Des David Michaels … Santa / Nicky Norris Martin Troakes … Alan Barrett Matt Willis … Karl Barrett (as Matt Sergeant) Lottie Mayer … Store Asistant Howard Coggins … Bouncer Steve Morley … Sgt. Lamont Libby Levett … Child in Grotto

18 Responses to “The Bill Christmas 2000 The Night Before 1 of 5”

  1. Kaynas1988 says:

    Smithy:”Keep still, you’re going to hurt yourself”
    Karl:”You mean you’re going to hurt me”
    Smithy:”Same difference”

  2. ScottishCaledonian says:

    @ashleyartus Samantha Robson makes my dick hard.

  3. ashleyartus says:

    my friend SAMANTHA ROBSON.X

  4. BoyGeorgeFanply20 says:

    omg i love the serious look on fraser’s ( euan morton) face sooo sexy!!! @ 9:17

  5. VampireGirl89 says:

    I love Mickey and Smithy

  6. BoyGeorgeFanply20 says:

    omg i just luv euan’s accent it’s sooooo sexy!! * drools*

  7. BoyGeorgeFanply20 says:

    hahahahahahha i love how euan said ” it’s total crap” it’s sooo cuteee!!!

    i love u euan!!!

  8. BoyGeorgeFanply20 says:

    iomg i just love euan’s sexy accent * drools*

  9. BoyGeorgeFanply20 says:

    i love euan’s serious face at 1:56 sooo sexy!!!

  10. BoyGeorgeFanply20 says:

    ” it’s total crap” ahahahha love how he said it lol

  11. BoyGeorgeFanply20 says:

    omg i love how euan talks in this epsiode soooo sexy!!!

  12. BoyGeorgeFanply20 says:

    euan morton is sooo cute in this epsiode lol

  13. thefranksterboy says:

    @thebillfan09 Smithy was actually 26 in this episode, he was born in 1974

  14. hughsyz says:

    I love Mickey especially when he made his debut in April 2000 who agrees?


    @thebillfan09 no, he’s definitely a cunt.
    He’s definitely matured since though.

  16. thebillfan09 says:

    no he’s cute

  17. timteague1987 says:

    hes still a cunt tho :)

  18. thebillfan09 says:

    Smithy!!!! he looks so young!

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