Texas Tech Football owns Texas A&M – Unbiased Documentary

Look into one of the best in state rivalries in College Football.

25 Responses to “Texas Tech Football owns Texas A&M – Unbiased Documentary”

  1. spaik113 says:

    the only thing tech owns is a dusty trophy case

  2. rjhegedus says:


  3. metallicarox80s says:

    Oh, “unbiased collection,” huh? Hey let’s get some clips from the previous 2 matches (’09-’11).

  4. EvanescenceFan27 says:

    GO TECH Whoo

  5. ColtsXLI06 says:

    Proud to rep Tech! Im in afghanistan and still rep my boys!! Flag hanging and everything

  6. BTHOtu32 says:

    its funny cuz weve beat you retards more times than uve beat us. btw we dont care about you guys…arkansas and texas are our real rivals

  7. 4welch71 says:

    Tech sucks now lol

  8. gfromtha713 says:

    Leach was the only thing that made Tech special. Without him, they will fall back into the mediocrity abyss where they belong

  9. Mikemack007 says:

    So much fail in this video. I understand it was 2 years ago but still. This is sad. Do you realize that Tech hasn’t won a game or won a series against A&M in any sport since early 2009? Keep thinking you have caught up with A&M. Only tards think this.

  10. TheAlegria30 says:

    im sorry your not from texas, its ok though, keep your head up kid, u can always pretend 😉

  11. bluedevil0704 says:

    A&M has gotten better the past two years, and as far as the past two games. Tech had just blown away K-State and walked into Nebraska and Kicked Husker butt and thought TAMU was an easy Kill. Wrong, and the next year, the aggies were just the better team. I dont know how tech will do with Tubs wanting to balance the offense more, but Leach owned TAMU. 7-3 with most of them butt whippings. I like both schools so I love Tech’s offense and TAMU’s Tradition.

  12. booooooolpusterd says:

    if you “own Us” the why do we lead the series 36-32-1 and we have two straight victories over you

  13. cfreeman5343 says:

    Mike Leach was only the head coach for 10 years at Tech…Don’t know how any one plays Texas A&M in football 14 times in 10 years.

    And tech lost just as bad this year to A&M as they did last year. I don’t think A&M is a dying football program just yet. But firing Mike Leach was probably the worst thing Tech could do for their team.

    And I’m not looking “foreword” to basketball mostly because I’m looking “forward” to it.

  14. 32CyrusthevirusAggie says:

    These days over A&M owns Tech

  15. TTUsheffield1 says:

    @jimmpf72 1st of all, leach’s record vs a&m was 11-3 since he got here. 2nd, tech can only get the piece of shit coaches? leach took tech to ten straight bowls. 3rd, a&m hasn’t won a bowl since 2001 XD. since 2001, tech has been to 8 bowls and won six of them. Face it, a&m is a dying football program. oh well at least you guys still have women’s basketball to look foreword to :p

  16. JackieFan123 says:

    @jimmpf72 and I lol at you…Arkansas got ya. you talk about coaches….have you noticed that Ass to Mouth has had like 5 coaches in 5 years? You’re the shitcan of the big12. Save us all and move out of the conference we want TCU

  17. krazzyyo2 says:

    this team is garbage..fuck texas..big shit of a state

  18. EvanescenceFan27 says:

    Texas Tech Rocks

  19. Maskedrider1092 says:

    @jimmpf72 A&M hired Franchione…….I’m sorry, were you just saying something about worthless coaches?

  20. kdoll47 says:

    does anyone know where i can find that pic of shannon woods with the thumb down…that was the funniest shit right in front of the corps haha..but if anyone knows where i can get that pic id appreciate it

  21. 94jg says:

    Though it’s mostly one sided I still love this rivalry. Never miss it. Even when it’s a blow out it’s incredibly entertaining.

  22. BamFor07 says:

    Lol, good luck with college period. I’m sure McDonalds is hiring “fagits” like yourself, by the way its spelled “faggot”. Lol, what are you on a scale of 1 to idiot anyways?

  23. cshsfootball says:

    this is youtube, not english class. I’ll spell write for people I think are important. not some college criticizing fagit on youtube.

  24. BamFor07 says:

    I take that back A&M was tied with Kansas State for dead last in the Big 12, in terms of academic progress which is the ranking the NCAA uses to decide scholarship penalties.

  25. BamFor07 says:

    You can’t read. Check out some of my comments Tech is awful no argument there but A&M hardly has anything to cheer about being even more pathetic on the field. Learn to spell and write correctly and then talk about academic standards. Also read for comprehension, I made no comparison between Tech and A&M off the field, I simply pointed out that A&M sucks. According to the NCAA A&M’s football program ranks 3rd from the bottom academically.

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