Take Care by Drake ASL Interpretation

10 Responses to “Take Care by Drake ASL Interpretation”

  1. twilightsm2012 says:

    Is there anyway you can do this step by step? I want to know how and my ASL teacher can only handle me asking her so many times. Please? 🙂

  2. M1COD4 says:


  3. XxMrsEmoxX says:

    do you have the ASL gloss for this? (:

  4. swatskills101 says:

    make an asl video of doin it wrong by drake please !

  5. MsDeannaLoveee says:

    Bravo ! (:

  6. dancerathr says:

    i loved the part in the middle, great face expressen during than

  7. iluvjsweezy says:

    was this a fun song to sign?? Because it looks like you’re having alot of fun into and alot of emotion into it

  8. JonThaWikkid1 says:

    I love your work you are amazing!!! Keep up the great work Ben.

  9. greenidgrl8 says:

    I love that you did this song! you’re pretty much amazing 😉

  10. BeautifulSilentWorld says:

    lol the begining is wierd, but like alot the video you look very tired! but good! i like it very much

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