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At day-close in November

Benjamin Britten – Winter Words, A Hyperion Recording, Anthony Rolfe Johnson – tenor, Graham Johnson – piano, Thomas Hardy – lyrics

2-010 ~ Musecast November 14th ~ Vic Vriday

Thought I would give this weeks musecast a little bit of a bluesy feel, hope you all enjoy it. Here’s the links I promised: Blindman’s Peace on youtube: and on myspace: Peep Soul(the recordings on there are just

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2-015-Friday, November 21st-Vic Vriday

Ok so for some reason I was having a lot of trouble uploading the video this week. Hopefully this works now. Hopefully I’ll start getting more comfortable in front of the camera…just feels kind of awkward for me at the

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November 18- Drake (Ben10 Choreography)

Well, the song is called November 18…so I thought it would only be fitting to teach this ON November 18th! This is probably my favorite piece, because of the swag and the emotion put behind it. I had a great

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