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Damon Albarn (Blur) interview 1994 UK Television

Damon talks about awards ceremonies being a scam and why the prominent London theme in his music. Other than that it’s the usual bollocks.

Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore – Someone Like You

Paixão de Elena & Damon ♥♥ It’s time for the haters to realize that this is a GOOD football team(The best we’ve fielded since ’05)

Damon & Elena ..i can’t be what she wants me to be◗

questo è un video davvero semplice ho usato solo 2 tipi di transizione e 1 una texture , a me piace come venuto 😀 questo è la mia parte per il secondo collab di xTVDCollabx [sub pls!]

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Damon e Elena – Hot’n Cold


Damon e Caroline – You and Me

music video with caroline and damon the vampire diries, with music you and me – Life House