Stare into the Sun by GRAFFITI 6, PIRATES & CIA

‘We Like Colour’ (We Are Pirates) a film created by the PIRATES for CIA (Central illustration Agency) Alfa, Jamie Brown, Jiggery Pokery, Jimi Crayon, Mr P and Stika of the PIRATES, coming together to create this colourful masterpiece. The Soundtrack is a modern day classic called ‘Stare into the Sun’ from brand new band GRAFFITI 6. With an Album in the pipeline their sure to be very big, very soon. Concept by Jimi Crayon, Ben Cox and Alicja McCarthy. Creative Direction by Jimi Crayon Filmed and produced by Stereofarms Dave Graham at SPRING 69 Filmed at The Village Underground PIRATES will be coming up with mind melting Creations all over the world, starting now! So keep your eyes peeled!!! http http Follow PIRATES founder Jimi Crayon on Twitter

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  1. BlupCupProductions says:

  2. jozloz1995 says:


  3. n1xt says:

    @fr3ako4 nothing

  4. fr3ako4 says:

    @n1xt so what

  5. NerkoMc says:


  6. artgraphistyle says:

    very good job, cool effects 🙂 

  7. SammekeCool says:

    @oooooosky the song is graffiti 6 – stare into the sun

  8. n1xt says:

    FIFA 12

  9. Ooooosky says:

    What’s the song?
    please tell me

  10. Ooooosky says:

    What’s the song?
    please tell me

  11. MrSh1z says:

    I want a copy of youralbum when it comes out!

  12. MrSh1z says:


  13. NYHnotyourhero says:

    Inspirational!! Love it! shame it got painted over at the end! haha

  14. carloslaudal83 says:

    Wassn that a waste of time?
    painting so much cool stuff, then fucking ERASE it?

    still pretty cool though

  15. cuzMEee says:

    @piratesonfilm i think the producers know what their songs are called, it’s STARE not star 😛

  16. Spankymf says:

    Absolute dynamite!!! Amazing

  17. aznscyth says:

    How can you guys draw the heart mark so precise?
    anyway, very pro skill.

  18. RansomFee says:

    Would be pretty shit if you forgot to press record on the camcorder haha

  19. SirTomathy says:

    This is amazing. Such a shame you painted all the black over it :'( Would be brilliant just to keep it there!

  20. MrLEFC says:

    as it is called the song that appears in the video?

  21. MrJayrecord says:

    This is literally amazing. the graf, the song oh my days its killing me…

  22. heyachocolate says:

    Sooo awesome :’D

  23. wuling09 says:

    towards the end i was like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy are they painting it out?!?! lol o_@`’

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