Sooner Or Later

Lame video. If you don’t like it…shut up. Song: Sooner or Later by Breaking Benjamin. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG OR THE RESIDENT EVIL 4 FOOTAGE!

Author Jason Zweig describes how to control your worst investing instincts.

9 Responses to “Sooner Or Later”

  1. supergirelelone says:

    This is a good video.

  2. coolxxBEANS says:

    Eh, yeah, it kinda wavered between Leon, then Leon/Ashley…then just all RE4…I dunno.

  3. CronyneWARE says:

    No point, you kiddin me?

  4. coolxxBEANS says:


  5. ianmnfla13 says:

    :D description

  6. mork999 says:

    gd but you need to include more mendez clips in ur work

  7. UrbanSpeck says:

    What is Mr. Zweig pointing to at 1:07? I also got a giggle when he drew a comparison between “morons” and “people of average I.Q.” 5 Stars!

  8. cdavis1976 says:

    Love the video. The interviewer is so handsome!

  9. TravisMorien says:

    Add “Jason Zweig” tags to this. I’ve got plenty of time for him…

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