Shamelessly- Jen’s Story Pt 1

Starring Lesley Youngblood – Jennifer Walters with Mike Muscat – Sheriff Morris Walters Madelyn Kish – Young Jennifer Veronica Kelly – Popular Sorority Girl Benjamin Will Hetzel – Mikey Vosburg Jacob Austin – Guy at Party MacKenzie Holcomb – Bully Girl Taylor Holcomb – Bully Girl Gavin Graham – Davey Kraft Bob Hetzel – Stand-in (Morris) Garrett Gilchrist – Stand-in (Morris)/Guy at Party Chinmay Panchal – Guy at Party Siddharta Shah – Guy at Party

8 Responses to “Shamelessly- Jen’s Story Pt 1”

  1. EpicHobos says:

    that’s my friend Madi! with the brown hair!

  2. MattMR1991 says:

    When do we get part two?!

  3. manico1 says:

    That was lovely! Very well made indeed!

  4. mercblue22 says:

    Fantastic clip here guys and great way of showing us the origins of Jen Walters. I really like how Jen is narrating the scenes of her life, from childhood to college. I can’t wait for part two of this saga.

    Good stuff!

  5. poolboyinla says:

    I like the opening credits.

  6. ocpmovie says:

    @DerektheDalek Most of the rest of the movie is at my channel. The rest is still being edited.

  7. king22222000 says:

    Great start would love to see more

  8. DerektheDalek says:

    Nice idea! She-Hulk is definitely a great character and I like the idea of having a fanfilm which slowly tells her back story. Looking forwards to the next part! 🙂

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