WATCH IN 720P edited by pontus boren and thanks to every one that filmed

25 Responses to “SCOOTER”

  1. TheJoshboii says:

    Yo! That was sick guys , keep it up! Il subscribe , check out some of my vids?

  2. 199almost says:

    But good tricks

  3. 199almost says:

    Ghetto ass park

  4. TheMrsMan1 says:

    seriously awesome vid brah

  5. tipptopp1000 says:

    var ligger det

  6. BMXmaster831 says:

    Howd u guys make all that its bad ass

  7. XDTrixarnaXD says:


  8. johan99889988 says:

    jag menade 3:30

  9. johan99889988 says:

    Det här var bäst 3:34

  10. MrKungen222 says:

    du är jävligt nice =)

  11. dingothedog246 says:

    who made that skatepark

  12. jakobmedia1 says:

    vem e det i slutet?

  13. xQualiteeZzZ says:

    worst edit + song ever + scooter is gay

  14. 353scooter says:


  15. victormw2 says:


  16. MariusBoejer says:

    Dope vid! I really love the start!

  17. sebbeskillz says:

    vad heter låten????

  18. PwNtus1997 says:

    holy mother fucking tiny winy! sjukt grymma e ni! 😮

  19. PontusBorenMedia says:


  20. Juliusscooter says:

    dope video:D

  21. ViktorEknander says:

    vad heter sången? 🙂

  22. sjteamscooting says:


  23. PontusBorenMedia says:


  24. sjteamscooting says:

    vem är det på 1:03

  25. maxgon109 says:


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