Ryan~Marissa . What do you Love? [S1]

just a short simple R/M vid since i havent been vidding them for such a long time now 🙂 not much effects but many emotions its basically about season one of the oc well actually only season one watch rate comment but most of all ENJOY 🙂 the credits for the clips go to trischiadbest and her site movies-theoc.webs.com song: gone – jessica riddle honors: #31 – Top-Favorites (today 07.11.09) – Film & Animation #54 – Best Rated (today 07.11.09) – Film & Animation #76 – Most Discussed (today 08.11.09) – Film & Animation #15 – Top-Favorites (today 08.11.09) – Film & Animation #35 – Best Rated (today 08.11.09) – Film & Animation #78 – Top-Favorites (this week) – Film & Animation

21 Responses to “Ryan~Marissa . What do you Love? [S1]”

  1. ocrocks4ever says:


  2. lovetheOC555 says:

    its swans by unkle bob 😉

  3. ocrocks4ever says:

    Great video!!! I miss r/m soooo much lol what was the song playing in the opening clips?

  4. fashionismylife88 says:

    Amazing. <3

  5. GabrielaCooper21 says:

    amazing and amazing job!
    loved my fav XD

  6. luckyjany says:

    This was amazing! love the effects you used, and I love how you slow downed the clips to fit the song, lovely!! 5 stars and fav 🙂

  7. lovetheOC555 says:

    ohh das weiß ich gra nicht so genau
    ich glaub das war sowas wie 800 zu 480 oder so ähnlich :S keine ahnung xD

  8. OCgirl411 says:


  9. sportsmed77 says:

    Awesome and emotional video! I actually liked RM in Seasons 1 and 2 MOST of the time. ;-] MINUS Oliver… but this was really well done. I’m more of an RT and RL fan, so the fact that I really love this video says a lot and you should be proud! =D

  10. simplybrokenx0 says:

    wow. I absolutely adore the simple editing. Its different for you, and I actually prefer it. Its so beautiful.
    RM were so epic. SUCH soulmates. <3

  11. ManuCrazyBaby says:

    I miss them so much

  12. VerykMeryk says:

    excelent job! 5/5 stars and fav! 🙂

  13. Adesh58 says:

    OMG ! It was really awesome !! I miss them so much ! ;(

  14. Schakalaka1234 says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyy gooooooooood
    i love this….
    how you said in the information there are so much emotions…. just amazing!!!!

  15. KTxxxxxxxx says:

    really sweet and i really love the way u used clips it really is amazing

  16. XxMichelleeex3 says:

    This is what I want you to do xD
    The hole day =D
    Welches Format (z.B. 400×600) hast du benutzt?
    ich liebe deine videos soooo sehr 😉

  17. lovetheOC555 says:

    thank youu 🙂

  18. lovetheOC555 says:

    oh really? well i think when you use ppl’s clips youre supposed to keep them credits aswell
    i believe thats necessary 😉


    Love it 😀
    And as one of your subscribers keep making these vids! 😀

  20. Trischiadbest says:

    great vid hun 🙂 my favouritEST couple ever 🙂

    thx for crediting me btw … you re one of the few … i reallly apreciate it 🙂

  21. ocJentaoc says:

    Aw. Beautiful, and very emotional! : )

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