RKO On Kane (SmackDown 10.22.2010) HD (First On Youtube)

RKO On Kane (SmackDown 10.22.2010) HD (First On Youtube) HQ 1080p Enjoy Plz Sub And Rate And Comment! =D Some Tags: Flag of Puerto Rico Carlito (Carly Colón) * Flag of United States John Cena * Flag of United States Jim Duggan * Flag of United States Kenny Dykstra (Ken Doane) * Flag of United States Eugene (Nick Dinsmore) * Flag of United States Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) * Flag of United States Shad Gaspard * Flag of India The Great Khali (Dalip Singh) * Flag of United States Charlie Haas * Flag of United States Jeff Hardy * Flag of United States JTG (Jayson Paul) * Flag of United States Santino Marella (Anthony Carelli) * Flag of United States Chris Masters (Chris Mordetsky) * Flag of Scotland Robbie McAllister (Derek Graham-Couch) * Flag of Scotland Rory McAllister (Russell Murray) * Flag of United States Shawn Michaels (Michael Hickenbottom) * Flag of United States Trevor Murdoch (Trevor Rhodes) * Flag of United States Johnny Nitro (John Hennigan) * Flag of United States Randy Orton * Flag of Samoa Umaga (Eddie Fatu) * Flag of United States Val Venis (Sean Morley) * Flag of United States Viscera (Nelson Frazier, Jr.) Female wrestlers * Flag of United States Candice Michelle (Candice Beckman) * Flag of United States Mickie James * Flag of United States Maria (Maria Kanellis) – Also an interviewer * Flag of United States Melina (Melina Perez) – Valet of Johnny Nitro * Flag of United States Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) * Flag of United States Torrie Wilson Referees * Flag

25 Responses to “RKO On Kane (SmackDown 10.22.2010) HD (First On Youtube)”

  1. Jonbino says:

    No he isn’t… n00bz

  2. 90233222 says:

    Randy Orton is The Best !!!!

  3. 18tshippy says:

    randy orton is the best

  4. grffnchn65 says:

    someone doesnt know there wrestling history now do they?/

  5. TheNix00 says:

    Randy Orton would win by any way. It doesnt matter if the undetaker interrupt or not.Orton would defeat Kane. Almost everybody would defeat Kane.And Randy orton would defeat everybody.Kane should be glad that,that he survied.

  6. yukerman123 says:

    @mrsilligoose no not Orton or Kane the best is CM Punk

  7. MrSilligoose says:

    F*ck Kane orton is the best

  8. MrGeelu says:

    nice one

  9. armagadon20000000 says:

    kane cryng

  10. djnicolaijd says:

    randy orton thinks: look on me kane come on look on me *kane looks on randy* *RKO*

  11. rockfans1 says:

    fuck orton kane is best

  12. cljthesecond says:

    where do tou get these videos

  13. wise2719 says:

    lol i posted it to

  14. Michael29rko says:

    kane dislike this

  15. JeffHardyRulzTna2011 says:

    How Font Is It?

  16. DougieMaster234 says:

    paul barrer is a ugly muthafukka

  17. MsJeffHardyROcks says:

    at the beggening orton is like a viper A REAL VIPER

  18. 1Mattav says:

    Omg was that paul bearer? He must be 100 years old now lol

  19. biggestwwefan100 says:

    best HD i have ever seen!!!!!! good job for making a good quality from the RKO

  20. PeabodyMagik19 says:

    i kno but if their is a kid on here who watched this tht wouldnt be fair to ruin it for them now would it? nd i kno im 15 im not retarded

  21. STEF54 says:

    wrestling is fake kid get with the program. We all love it but its fake

  22. PeabodyMagik19 says:

    uhm im srry i think thts fake no one can take kane down tht easily?

  23. ibrahim12345isl says:

    look at paul berrer

  24. CheezyDealer says:

    StunneRKO … if u askin y i said that, its bcuz of the way Orton falls on his ass

  25. wweevolutionfan101 says:

    i wish they put a better view on the camera for the rko

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