Rio ft. Benjamin Malcolm – Satellite (Official Music Video)

Official music video for Rio’s hit single Satellite featuring Benjamin Malcolm Download MP3: Ringtone: For More Visit

Official cast for the upcoming show The Vampire Diaries Cast Nina Dobrev … Elena Paul Wesley … Stefan Ian Somerholder … Damon Katerina Graham … Bonnie Steven R. McQueen … Jeremy Gilbert Candice Accola … Caroline Truitt Michael Trevino … Tyler Stratton Kayla Ewell … Vicki Steve Belford … Darren Zach Roerig … Matt Benjamin Ayres … Mr. Tanner Chris William Martin … Zach

40 Responses to “Rio ft. Benjamin Malcolm – Satellite (Official Music Video)”

  1. astronautlifestyle says:

    High as a satellite!!! ASTRONAUT LIFESTYLE!!!! LOL

  2. oLsoNaGe says:

    psssst. i’m in it too
    nothin gets about chilling and doin some music

    love ya thin =)

  3. SoFreshMusicGroup says:

    Nice Vid
    Big up ma nigga.
    ahahha Kush beat 4sho

    Big up from amsterdam !

  4. 313Bang says:

    @313Bang Thats my cousin and he said thanks to all. im soooooooo serious

  5. TheStickyfingers88 says:

    Damn jus checked your shit out. Gotta say this is a very catchy track. Subbed and fav’ed

  6. 313Bang says:

    luv u cuz nice track to bring me a cd when u get a chance

  7. 313Bang says:

    luv u cuz nice track to bring me a cd when u get a chance

  8. 313Bang says:

    luv u cuz nice track to bring me a cd when u get a chance

  9. 313Bang says:

    luv u  cuz

  10. atopol6834 says:

    awesome!!!!!!!!! kush beat, possible foe a good arizona ice tea ad

  11. djliquid1000 says:

    Thank u! the download link is in the description

  12. aisixersfan0376 says:

    Hey Mario, It’s Kim. I really like the track. Nice video too.. Can I download it yet? Let me know.

  13. w3lc0metomylife says:

    Rioo!! It’s your neighbor from the D! lol, I love the song, love the music video, and I’m about to start getting that shit requested on 97.9.. hell yeah! lol. This shit is tiigghhttt.


  14. NissaGirlie says:

    I Aint know Ben was that sweet!!
    Good look Cuz, this is sweet!!

  15. Zeronombrezleft says:

    I am 2!!
    Nice track.

  16. lenniex15 says:

    he was in the 1st episode he got killed right away (cuz of damon of course) :]

  17. MsAlex1707 says:

    I think all the cast is great !! I like them all ;DD lol

  18. Freyaradianas says:

    ATwt….Is soo right I am glad I am not the only one! I would know Billy Magnussen anyplace. I love Casey but you have the wrong one!!! Zach Roerig is not Billy or vice versa Not cool. The rest is great. When does Caroline become an Auburn. She is in the book but has been a blonde thus far????

  19. twitchisastar17 says:

    omg ian somerhalder is so hot :D:D

  20. MzJustinBieber14 says:


  21. kimmu00 says:

    i dont remember a darren being in the show …

  22. TheWaitressgirl says:

    I so agree with you on that one, bobaandru

  23. AnicykaBasik says:

    Stefan;s got the great lips.
    Elena – great hair
    Damon – pretty face and 6 pacs – he has to pout some kg anyway.
    Bonnie – just not the straight hair! curly is better
    Jeremy – WTF did they do with his eyebrows
    in the movie??? natural as he is – mutch better
    Tyler- the cool guy)))
    Vicky – great hair
    Matt – AGAIN – eyebrows!
    Zach – childish

  24. atwtlukesnyder says:

    Sorry but that is NOT Zach Roerig who you chose as the thumbnail for this video. You made a mistake. At the 2:38 spot in the video is the actor who took his place on the soap As The World Turns named Billy Magnussen. Now you have to redo your video ALL over again from that one tiny misleading mistake. 😉 haha

    But yes that is definitely Billy Magnussen—not Zach Roerig.

  25. omfgsarahd says:

    Bullets by Creed

  26. arthurandgwen says:

    What’s the song it’s really catchy! lol

  27. helododie says:

    i’m not sure but he really look like the guy who dies at the beggining of the first episode

  28. babykiwi1233 says:

    Wats Matts name is real life??

  29. Harwinder1995 says:

    whos darren? :

  30. MariaKisel says:

    Am also confudes and I have no idea who is that Darren, but I may guess and say that he can be a new “teacher of history”, instead of Mr. Tanner, why not, the directors of the show have changed a lot, so why not and change the name?!)))

  31. MariaKisel says:

    Am also confused, as I have no idea who is Darren, maybe he will be a new “teacher of history” instead of Mr. Tanner, whatever, the directors’ve changed a lot in the show, so why not and change the name of a teacher?!))))

  32. bobaandru says:

    Damon is so DAMN HOTT!

  33. Freedomex123 says:

    0:45 HOT!

  34. 1955618896 says:

    whos darren play again and was he even in the book? please reply confused =(

  35. sparrow6788 says:

    wen dose tyer beome a werewolf

  36. sparrow6788 says:

    dose tyler become aa werewoolf

  37. iMaddie1 says:

    I hate this cast ! T_T
    If they are going to say it’ll be like the book, well it should. Exactly.

  38. curlmelavender says:


  39. rockstarandyouknowit says:

    the one who is playing ‘bonnie’ should so be merideth!

  40. faisoteuvaleu says:

    Eu nunca assisti essa série.
    O ator Ian Somerhalder e a atriz Katerina Graham
    faz um belo par. =]

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