Review – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Cast: Ralph Fiennes … Lord Voldemort Michael Gambon … Professor Albus Dumbledore Alan Rickman … Professor Severus Snape Daniel Radcliffe … Harry Potter Rupert Grint … Ron Weasley Emma Watson … Hermione Granger Evanna Lynch … Luna Lovegood Domhnall Gleeson … Bill Weasley Clémence Poésy … Fleur Delacour Warwick Davis … Griphook / Professor Filius Flitwick John Hurt … Ollivander Helena Bonham Carter … Bellatrix Lestrange Graham Duff … Death Eater Anthony Allgood … Gringotts Guard Rusty Goffe … Aged Gringotts Goblin Jon Key … Bogrod Kelly Macdonald … Helena Ravenclaw Jason Isaacs … Lucius Malfoy Helen McCrory … Narcissa Malfoy Tom Felton … Draco Malfoy Ian Peck … Hogsmeade Death Eater Benjamin Northover … Hogsmeade Death Eater Ciarán Hinds … Aberforth Dumbledore Hebe Beardsall … Ariana Dumbledore Matthew Lewis … Neville Longbottom Devon Murray … Seamus Finnigan Jessie Cave … Lavender Brown Afshan Azad … Padma Patil Isabella Laughland … Leanne Anna Shaffer … Romilda Vane Georgina Leonidas … Katie Bell Freddie Stroma … Cormac McLaggen Alfie Enoch … Dean Thomas Katie Leung … Cho Chang William Melling … Nigel Sian Grace Phillips … Screaming Girl Bonnie Wright … Ginny Weasley Ralph Ineson … Amycus Carrow Suzanne Toase … Alecto Carrow Maggie Smith … Professor Minerva McGonagall Jim Broadbent … Professor Horace Slughorn Scarlett Byrne … Pansy Parkinson Josh Herdman … Gregory Goyle Louis Cordice

carl nybergs edit at Actionpark And Bandyplan

29 Responses to “Review – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2”

  1. joewoe1234 says:

    you’r old men :L

  2. NoobTwinz5 says:

    Beedle the Bard as a movie… that’d be cool. They could release short films of all the stories in it, making it in shadow puppetry like they did for The Tale of the Three Brothers, and they could compile them all onto a DVD and release them… yeah….

  3. dave123mick says:

    i thought the actresses for young lily potter and harry’s daughter (lily potter) were the same actress :O

  4. LifePasserBy says:

    Who do you think is more useful?
    – Harry Potter
    – Algebra (Maths)
    – You ?

    Watch this youtube vid: watch?v=qdKyAm_BZE0

    don’t be sacred of the answer!

  5. 321ACoupleOf says:

    I WILL!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  6. tdcmoncton says:

    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!! Go see it asap!

  7. tdcmoncton says:

    Enjoy it!

  8. tdcmoncton says:

    Yup! Also have you and your better half, too. ;D

  9. tdcmoncton says:

    EEEEE! Thanks for noticing it!

  10. tdcmoncton says:

    End of a decade.

  11. tdcmoncton says:

    Glad you approve! ;D

  12. 321ACoupleOf says:

    still havnt seen it!!

  13. yllekr123 says:

    I plan on seeing it this afternoon, thanks for the review. 

  14. stephenpaultaylor says:

    omg you got brock in the beginning! niiiice!!!

    great review, bub!!!

  15. BEB131 says:

    Deathly *Hallows*

  16. Y2JVS6 says:

    Thank god harry porter is over

  17. TheFatAussieBarstard says:

    lovin the haircut mate…lol…

  18. SuperMultiScooter says:


  19. PontusBorenMedia says:

    haha det är jag

  20. MrLINGLING99 says:

    är det bara jag som ser den döda killen i högra hörnet vid 0:56

  21. TheVilmerScootZ says:

    tror det e french id

  22. jakobmedia1 says:

    e det svarta decket lucky?

  23. 353scooter says:

    cool scooter!!!;)

  24. MrLINGLING99 says:

    haha, fan va seriöst det ser ut i början ner han äter djungelvrål :)

  25. MariusBoejer says:

    1:36 is that kubars bar? If it is, is your setup the same as me.

  26. FeelMeeBMX says:


  27. GbgScooterMafia says:

    vad heter låten? den e grym

  28. Mrbengan6 says:

    Fan va najs!:)

  29. zomma351 says:

    vad heter låten?

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