Resident Evil Girls – Diary of Jane

Couples: Sheva/Chris/Jill – Not many people like Sheva when it comes to being partners with Chris in RE 5 and I would agree with them that Jill should of been the one to finish of Wesker not Sheva. But sadley this has led to many people hating on this couple so I chose to make a tribute to Sheva in her point-of-view (although I do not really even know if she did have feelings for Chris.) Ashley/Leon/Ada – This one is more of a joke I guess as the main two couples people fight over are Claire/Leon and Ada/Leon. I chose Ashley instead since I like Ashley more than Claire and that I never really see any tributes made to this couple. Its a sad but true known fact that Leon DOES have feelings for Ada as you don’t just randomly kiss a woman for the fun of it (unless you were drunk or something) so sorry to break the news to Claire/Leon fans, I’m still a fan of all 3 of these couples. The same applies with Angela/Leon a even more hated couple than I would believe Sheva/Chris. Excella/Wesker/Alexia – I don’t think people have ever bothered with who Wesker likes or does not like. I was going to Choose Jill but I did not want Jill being in two places at once so I chose the great Alexia instead =] Games Used: Resident Evil 4,5, Code Veronica and Darkside Chronicles Characters featured: Sheva Alomar, Ashely Grahm, Excella Gionne, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong and Alexia Ashford. Song: Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin

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    this is really good! great idea too!

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