Purdue University Stand Up Comedy Club Showcase 2-24-2012

Highlights from Purdue University’s Stand Up Comedy Club’s second showcase on February, 24 2012 at Vienna Coffee House in West Lafayette, IN. Comics (in order of appearance): Kevin Stevick Brian Roe Graham Ashby Allie Vollmer Joe Imperato Abby Chew John Cessna Conor Delehanty Brent Terhune *Not shown: Benjamin Madrid, Josh Murphy

Few people would argue about the power of the Israeli lobby but how will AIPAC and other organizations fare in the midst of policy differences between the US and Israel? Will they take a back seat or try to influence lawmakers now more than ever?

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  1. johnediamond says:

    …jews kill them all!

  2. billyhunchback says:

    As of next year Capitol Hill shall be known as the Knesset.Israel is the tail that wags the American Dog (We own America,and Americans know it.(Netanyahu)Have Americans no self respect.To put another Country above your own is commonly called Treason and should be dealt with as such.The supposedly ‘Land of the Free are actually hostages of Zionism.

  3. TheFlexEffect says:

    israel is a nuclear state
    israel is a terrorist state
    israel is a pirate state
    israel is an apartheid state
    israel is an illegal state
    israel is not the US’ ally, it’s the BOSS
    israel is not a democracy it’s a racial colony
    the UN itself said zionism is racism

    Arabs are semites, nothing is more antisemitic than zionism

  4. dragnet53 says:

    Norway Oslo attacks were done by Mossad. Norway was going to back Palestine as a statehood. Norway also dropped the funding of two Israelis oil companies. Norway also decided to want to move the Israeli embassy because it was considered a threat. The list goes on and on. Keep on believing they are good people the jews and don’t forget to read Revelations 2:9 on the way out.

  5. JohnnyRock2000 says:

    It’s all talk. For decades, all presidents and parties don’t have a lot of influence over Israel’s racist and illegal expansion.

  6. StopJewNWONow says:

    Jews =Dead 

  7. eoriol1955 says:

    I had to take a second look at the sender of this post to make sure I was not the one who sent it..You expressed my sentiments exactly…The US and UK have created a monster that will eventually eat them up or vice versa.It’s inevitable because in order for Jesus to come back,all jews have to convert to christianity.If that’s not the receipe for war,I don’t know what is

  8. germanisrael1 says:


  9. ChorniyKot says:

    Hezbollah arms in residential house
    Hezbollah observation-communication post in in residential house

  10. luv5e1 says:

    Israel and the US are friends – USA and many other countries can learn from Israel.

  11. TheDivineProvidence says:

    seig heil

  12. saulboyjt says:


  13. MrNoskire says:

    And people still don’t know why Germany hated these kikes This is the shit they done in Europe..

  14. louielamson2000 says:

    American tax pay for Cyclone War-What is Israel and Palestine War..? Believed or not this Cyclone War will be there long term on Inhabitant land…

  15. PresidentChimp says:

    For anyone who questions AIPAC’s influence on the US Government… Why is an Israeli citizen Chief of Staff of the White House? Rahm Emanuel served in the IDF; not the US Military — This makes him an Israeli citizen. Rahm Emanuel, who gave us NAFTA and GATT and makes speeches about putting Americans on terrorist watch lists when his own father was a member of Irgun… Is only one of many Israeli’s that have usurped power in the US with the support of AIPAC.

  16. ionacaddy says:

    They control US and we act like we are afraid of them. They force the hands of our politicians to do their bidding and further their agenda. They need to be exposed for what they really are. I used to be very pro Israel, but the more truth I learn about what’s really gone on in the past, the more I feel they are just manipulating us to do their dirty work. It’s all cloak and dagger, they are the cloak and tWE are their dagger! No wonder the world hates us, we are BLIND!

  17. lwglwglwg says:

    Obama is just a pet of the Zionists.

  18. DodgeVip3r says:

    Axlerod, Rahm Emanuel others who control the puppet Obama has supposedly criticzed Izrael. lol what a joke. These Zionists are dual Izraeli citizens and they want to put on a false dichotomy. Obama has no say on Izrael, its Izrael that controls Obama and the rest of the politicans. Just watch his speech at the AIPAC meeting before they approved him for presidency.

  19. 0xTRX007 says:


  20. danmanjones says:

    Dina Gusovsky is the best TV political journalist in the world at the moment.

  21. danmanjones says:

    AIPAC needs to be registered as a foreign entity. They’ve been spying on the U.S. for decades.

  22. ResistLegion says:

    Americans should just severe ties with Israel, liquidate the wealth of the all the AIPAC members, deport dual-Israeli citizens. Problem solved… Israel has no power, without it’s diaspora Jews bleeding their host nations dry.

  23. billybobhobnob101 says:

    Do other countries have political action committees ?- I always thought it was illegal to have foreign money involved in politics- also I think any American who would lobby for the benefit of a foreign country clearly has at best mixed loyalties- and I would prefer that they make up their mind and live in the country that has their heart.

  24. davematherly says:

    Racists bent on fulfilling the prophecies of the Talmud.
    If the nutcases bring on WW3, we’ll see how that 1.5% percent of humanity make it through.
    My guess is not many.
    Won’t matter how much gold you have then.

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