Proud Songsters

Benjamin Britten – Winter Words, A Hyperion Recording, Anthony Rolfe Johnson – tenor, Graham Johnson – piano, Thomas Hardy – lyrics

my playlist “ET Contactee Sheldan Nidle GFL Representative” play in sequence best way to watch even half way through just click on that video your up to Sheldan Nidles website below PLAYLISTS just click on ThankYouWhiteKnights link above and then on my channel page click on Playlists at the top or click on this below http CLICK ON THE PART YOUR UP TO AND TO PLAY NEXT CLICK PLAY NEXT OR PLAY ALL BELOW MORE INFO BOX ON RIGHT NWO Stand-off & US dollar Gold backed-Benjamin Fulford BELOW WILL START FROM THE FANTASTIC NEWS MENTIONED 2009-8-22 Ben Fulford Forbidden Technology when Financial System WATCH 12 YOUTUBES FROM THEIR TO TODAYS 2009-9-3 Ben Fulford Chinese to destroy Feds by refusing to honor fraudulent derivitaves MORE TO COME CLICK PLAY ALL/NEXT WHEN WATCHING TO WATCH ALL/NEXT from UFO TECH (Free/Zero Point Energy & Antigravity), UFOs, Nassim Haramein, Dan Winters on Physics of Gravity, Zero Point Energy, Golden Ratio, DNA to Consciousness. Also Crop Circles, Graham Hancock on the physical evidence of Ancient Civilizations connected to the stars and Mars possibly Atlantis Lemuria, White Knights, Benjamin Fulford also confirming Sheldan Nidle etc

2 Responses to “Proud Songsters”

  1. TheTractorjaws says:

    I agree´╗┐

  2. RuffDiamond23 says:

    If you do not show yourselves soon, then you are in danger of dictating secretly on a grander scale than our existing goverments! “Don’t worry, we have everything under control” doesn’t appeal to me. This helpless waiting in the back seat is doing my head in. Do I sit there while´╗┐ you deal with it? Do I have an ego and for trying myself? At this stage in the scenario, YOU MAKE YOUR MOVE NOW! because your actions will answer questions so long as we can see you in action. Too many words- SHOW ME!

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