Peter Lynch talks about bottom-fishing on Wall Street Week

Louis Rukeyser interviews Peter Lynch and Philip Carret on Wall Street Week — excerpt from the 30 year retrospective program

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  1. GypsyHustled says:

    Hehe look at those haircuts.

  2. JohnF30Music says:

    @GoldeWC that exactly is the sad thing about life. you work for your children, not for yourself. you can work your whole life, and the beneficiaries will be your children. it’s unfair

  3. JohnF30Music says:

    the sad part is that the only people benefiting from the investors’ money are their lazy, lucky kids.

  4. concubinage says:

    @GoldeWC I think this is because they actually derive more enjoyment working for their fund rather than what normal people would do for early retirement. What are they going to do after they retire?? Go back to their fund. They are not investing for more wealth in the latter stages, they just find the challenges rewarding.

  5. foster2367 says:

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  6. emoweixian says:

    @GoldeWC erm… dude… the greatest investors have had long careers and that is why so many seem to be so old, if they wanted to retire early with the first 100 million they have at least 20 or 25 years to enjoy their money

  7. GoldeWC says:

    it’s really sad, that majority of the greatest investors are older than 80, cause they won’t be able to enjoy life for a long period of time with the money that they earned.

  8. thalesdotnet says:

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  9. noetherianring says:

    Phil is awesome, thanks for uploading this! The man was a legend.

  10. tennis12456 says:

    Peter is so talented and such a humble guy

  11. origin97 says:

    @boseffis Lynch was 33 when he took over magellan. it was the best period of performance for the fund, ever. Amazing.


    what would lou say about our wall street banksters??? he was the best there was and ever will be……..he was an adult!

  13. rajat30686 says:

    i dont understand what religion’s gotta do with this video…
    (just look at the comments

  14. boseffis says:

    peter lynch is 38 here… wow, i am 27.. i got some work to do!

  15. Mindaugasx says:

    wow peter was so young he is my teacher

  16. freakentitans says:

    lol! nice one ephidapoon

  17. ephidapoon says:

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  18. 23580578HHH says:

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  19. ephidapoon says:

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  20. capricious71 says:

    Worth it to just to see the hair. I’d have thought people would have learned from the 70s but not these guys.

  21. 23580578HHH says:

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  22. MarcusCMarcellus says:

    Thanks for posting. This show, along with the Nightly Biz Report, were staples for my dad when I very young. Through punk rock, heavy metal and beyond, they were the background music for that pre/post dinner period. Now I can finally appreciate why they were so good.

  23. 007InMiami says:

    Did Peter Lynch ever have hair color?

  24. franklinscity says:

    This is a terrific little excerpt from Rukeyeser’s wonderful show. Although the clip from Peter Lynch is worth watching, my favorite is the interview with the then 98 year old stock market legend, Philip Carret, and his response to Louis’ question about what he does when he sees that the market is about to fall.

  25. JRCrowley says:

    Peter Lynch is awesome.  Thanks for posting this.

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