Pearls of Liberty March 31, 2012

March 31, 2012 I. “Drake” II. RuSA / RAP Controversy III. Imminent Arrests A. Fulford: “10000 arrests imminent” V. New Economic System A. Prosperity Packages B. Currency Revaluations Please Note: we are no longer including our Pirl Culture segment of film discussions…

my playlist “ET Contactee Sheldan Nidle GFL Representative” play in sequence best way to watch even half way through just click on that video your up to Sheldan Nidles website below be sure to check out my playlists just click on ThankYouWhiteKnights link above and then on my channel page click on Playlists at the top or click on this below http from UFO TECH (Free/Zero Point Energy & Antigravity), UFOs, Nassim Haramein, Dan Winters on Physics of Gravity, Zero Point Energy, Golden Ratio, DNA to Consciousness. Also Crop Circles, Graham Hancock on the physical evidence of Ancient Civilizations connected to the stars and Mars possibly Atlantis Lemuria, White Knights, Benjamin Fulford also confirming Sheldan Nidle etc

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  1. TheYahooskin says:

    I googled a name meaning of Drake: English: from the Old English byname Draca, meaning ‘snake’ or ‘dragon.

    I’m still waiting…

  2. smujismuj says:

    …Still waiting….

  3. TheYahooskin says:

    O M G. i’m out, bud.

  4. TheYahooskin says:

    and all your links you got up there in the description is the only reason i found this video of yours. THATS HOW SEARCHES WORK. THATS HOW YOU GET RATINGS. and now all of a sudden you’re not into ‘views and ratings? oh bro come on.

  5. TheYahooskin says:

    ERGO… your ‘truth’ ends up at least landing somewhere. as opposed to not really far. peace.

  6. TheYahooskin says:

    “We aren’t doing this for views or ratings. We are doing this for the sake of truth”


  7. TheYahooskin says:

    okay so you didn’t even watch the video and you judged it. typical. i watched your FULL VIDEO. I’ll tell you what i’m not doing. I’m not running my mouth saying “oh theres gonna be all these arrests and blah blah blah”. and i’m gona keep telling people to research ALL OF IT. So they won’t be fooled by this drivel. you’re self-righteous is all. embrace it. most Christ-ies do. look at your comment feedbback base.

  8. sand2pearls says:

    We aren’t doing this for views or ratings. We are doing this for the sake of truth and to promote liberty. We would rather reach one who reaches many than reach a few ourselves. It’s not about us.

  9. sand2pearls says:

    “Left to complacency”? Who is actually doing ANYTHING??? I watched part of that vid. Amazingly, someone else referred me to that guy today. I’m not biting. It’s SO easy to sit in a chair and criticize.

    Here is my main question to you: who DO you believe and what ARE you doing? If the answer is nothing, then I have nothing to fear that I might render you being left to complacency, as you are already complacent.

    “We’re nihilists, Lebowski, we believe in nossing!”

  10. dlpirl says:

    how could there be proof for something that hasn’t happened yet and needs to be kept secret until it does? 😉

  11. dlpirl says:

    We are in no way encouraging complacency. We are encouraging involvement with a hopeful attitude because as all great spiritual teachers say, love wins in the end.

  12. TheYahooskin says:

    What does this mean to me? I DON’T LIKE PEOPLE BEING LEFT TO COMPLACENCY AFTER BEING GIVEN A BOOST OF FALSE HOPE. David Wilcock, Benny Fulford, ‘Drake’ and whoever else wants to bandwagon on the great anti-NWO phony circus. These guys are classic quacks and they’re spewing this info out and it has the effect of making people stop fighting and start dong nothing. just think about that part alone. i’m answering all your questions. read my answers.

  13. TheYahooskin says:

    sorry, bout the misperception. People nowadays cannot effectively know or relate to people easily when they are only two years apart. This is what i meant by ‘generations’. the population is so huge that you no longer can rely on 10 and 20 year age differences to adequately project how to relate to them. I know lots of ‘baby boomers’ that have a hard time understanding this. its a “nobody gets you” issue. and it’s not that I am really even trying to attack you with that bit of insight.

  14. sand2pearls says:

    You have answered none of my direct, simple questions. The dots are there. You don’t HAVE to connect them. You don’t HAVE to watch our vid. If it bothers you so much, don’t watch it. I don’t consider it my job to turn your ship; why do you want to turn mine so badly? What is at stake for you? Are you a paid commenter? I ran into a LOT of those with our Smart Meters vid. I don’t get paid to do this, and don’t have the time to educate you if you don’t want to learn.

  15. TheYahooskin says:

    That’s cool that you’re into jesus. It scares the hell outta young people nowadays okay? get that. And there’s other religions and belief systems that do not scare people. And I don’t approve of them either, mixing claims of freedom on the way with their belief system. Basic salesmanship. don’t scare the customers. Even if Jesus does save. Split the two subjects and make separate vids, I GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET MORE VIEWS AND RATINGS.

  16. TheYahooskin says:

    you gots to put that ‘link’ behind youtube(dot)com/ youtube doesn’t allow the full pasting of links in comment box is why i shot it that way. lotsa tubers do it. Um,… sand2pearls i’m hopeful too. but not of this, it’s unfounded and there’s no proof. no proof. no proof. no proof. okay i said it enough now i think. please check that link. its realist news channel on “mass arrests, wilcock, drake”. ‘jsnip4’

  17. sand2pearls says:

    This link went nowhere. You don’t know precisely what I’m getting into as you know very very far from everything about me. I am willing to adjust, but based on my own perception, not what someone tells me. Too many people intentionally mislead; there is too much false information. We offer opinions and information, but you must follow your own inner voice–as we must follow ours, as we are following ours.

  18. sand2pearls says:

    Clearly you have a lot more time to comment than I do. Just curious, why does this mean so much to you?

    I am not going to change my position. Fighting fear and hatred with fear and hatred will always be ineffective. Love overcomes. Do you hold to what David Icke teaches? What exactly is your ideology?

    I don’t want to carry on a fruitless argument. Do you want me to persuade you?

    BTW, a generation is about twenty years, not two.

  19. TheYahooskin says:

    you can’t just carry on and on talking to me asi if i gave up hope. you created that in your mind. the whole concentration camp rant and saying how your hope is not false. pre-perceived notions of others gets you nowhere but where you want the conversation to go.

  20. TheYahooskin says:

    Seriously, watch this video and pretend its me talking. You owe it to yourself to just take a step back and see if what you are getting into might be false or misleading.


  21. TheYahooskin says:

    So okay, bless you for your heart in the matter. I can see that part. But please reconsider the sources of all this so-called “Mass Arrest” baloney. It’s unfounded, and whatever arrests have happened out there that are published via online sources are just unrelated it seems to me. The people touting all this have no proof or documentation whatsoever. AM I RIGHT?

  22. TheYahooskin says:

    Okay, ‘baby boomers’. Lets not forget that your generation also falls into the NWO scheme. Plans that have been laid out like at least a hundred years ago. So whatever you went through in the psychedelic days (and i’m not refuting it as a traumatic time/event) you must realize that about every two years is how fast another generation is born, and cannot really easily RELATE to successive generations.

  23. TheYahooskin says:

    That’s a ton of questions. And look, who says i’m not hopeful and/or trying to fight this ‘fight’. Just because I don’t agree with your methods does not mean I must be diametrically opposed to your feelings of making a difference. As far as it ‘sounding’ as if i gave up hope… my feeling is that UNFOUNDED false hope will make people EVEN MORE COMPLACENT AND CAN GET THEM IN A DEEPER HOLE OF HOPE. THE TANKS CAN THEN ROLL RIGHT ON DOWN THE STREET. and nobody complains. FEMA TIME.

  24. smujismuj says:

    No one would be happier than I if Fulford’s predictions were true.
    But I’ve been following him for three or four years now, and if I had to pick a theme song for him it would be “Crosseyed and Painless” by the Talking Heads….”Still waiting…”

  25. sand2pearls says:

    Frankly, we don’t know this isn’t a trap.

    We must all, as individuals, find sources we trust more or less, determine what we believe of them, formulate our worldview, expectations and hopes, then find common ground with other liberty advocates (freedom fighters) and try to move together toward a better world.

    Our souls resonate with Fulford and RuSA people. The Drake story fits reasonably well with other info we have accepted as more or less true. We watch, listen and hope for the best.

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