Ode 2 Joy

Cameos, in order of appearance: Ludwig Van Beethoven, Otters holding hands, C3P0 & R2D2, The Three Amigos, Nirvana, Albert Einstein, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Surprised Kitten, Martin Luther King Jr., Run-DMC, Kim Deal, Ella Fitzgerald, Amelia Earhart, Carl Sagan, Clara Rockmore, Leon Theremin, Chief Joseph, the Beatles, Nikola Tesla, Les Paul, Leo Fender, Kermit the Frog and Jim Henson, Fugazi, Johann Sebastian Bach, Howard Hughes, Benjamin Franklin, Phil Hartman, Alexander Graham Bell, Ludvig Van Beethoven. MP3 available at melodylanes.com. Stay Tuned.

This production, by Colin Graham, first saw the light in 1966 and was revived in 1984 for the ENO tour of the USA which culminated with two ecstatically received performances at The Met. GLORIANA Benjamin Britten Libretto by William Plomer Queen Elizabeth I – Sarah Walker Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex – Anthony Rolfe Johnson Frances, Countess of Essex – Jean Rigby Sir Walter Raleigh – Richard van Allan Penelope, Lady Rich – Elizabeth Vaughan Sir Robert Cecil – Alan Opie Charles Blount, Lord Mountjoy – Neil Howlett Henry Cuffe – Malcolm Donnelly Lady-in-Waiting – Lynda Russell A Blind Ballad Singer – Norman Bailey The Recorder of Norwich – Dennis Wicks A Housewife – Shelagh Squires Master of Ceremonies – Alan Woodrow A Morris Dancer – Robert Huguenim The City Cryer – Leigh Maurice The Spirit of the Masque – Adrian Martin Time – Ian Stewart Concord – Amanda Maxwell Directed for the stage by Colin Graham Directed for TV by Derek Bailey Chorus and Orchestra of the English National Opera Conducted by Mark Elder

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  1. StarFallKyro says:

    3336996321123322226996321123211, hahaha

  2. kellyburnsworks says:

    Go on, Jay Braun!

  3. photo109 says:

    Great video !!!!!!!

  4. zelazela says:

    This is effin awesome!!

  5. AwesomeAudioDude says:

    Please don’t give in to pressure to Autotune that sweet-ass “1”…

  6. andyactionewetube says:

    Nothing short of genius!

  7. PerrinCottage says:

    love the morris dance @6:00

  8. rakewell2 says:

    love it when the queen enters wearing Frances’ dress… high camp!

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