O Mundo de Beakman – Bolhas, Beakmania e Pés (Parte 2)

www.pausetoplay.blog.com Beakman’s World (O Mundo de Beakman no Brasil) foi um programa educativo de TV estrelado pelo ator americano Paul Zaloom no papel do Professor Beakman. No programa Beakman lia cartas de “tele-espectadores” fictícios, o que era o gancho para a realização de experiências (que ensinava como reproduzi-las em casa) ea abordagem divertida de conceitos científicos. Ocasionalmente interpretava cientistas já falecidos, como Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Bernoulli, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Darwin e Benjamin Franklin. O Professor Beakman era acompanhado pelo seu rato de laborátorio Lester (Mark Ritts) e de assistentes como Josie (Alana Ubach), Liza (Eliza Schneider) e Phoebe (Senta Moses), que mudaram ao longo da série, e por vezes alguns apresentados pelo próprio Beakman, como Art Burns, Meekman (o irmão de Beakman), O Homem Equilíbrio, Vlavaav, eo Professor Chatoff. Muito popular por tornar a ciência divertida, a série foi transmitida no Brasil pela TV Cultura entre 1995 e 2002, com uma breve passagem pela Rede Record, no programa Agente G, em 1997. Também foi exibido pelo canal Cl@se de 2000 a 2005 e em 2006 pelo canal a cabo Boomerang, nos horários das 15h30 e das 21h.

An original song about an almost-VP. LYRICS: Sarah Palin I’m in love with you No VP makes me swoon like you Biden’s not my type ’cause he’s a dude Sarah, I want you Saw your picture on the front page Your pretty face took my breath away Running mates are mostly older men But you’re a smoking hot librarian Rimless glasses and a chic hairdo Perfect teeth and style too My DVR records the cable news Just to catch you in an interview But foreign policy you haven’t got Even if Russia’s close to you John McCain lives near a synagogue But that don’t make him a Jew Come on over for a dinner date I will cook and we can stay up late Drinking wine at my parents’ house Then we’ll dry hump on my parents’ couch Sarah Palin I’m in love with you No VP makes me swoon like you Biden’s not my type ’cause he’s a dude Sarah, I want you Although… Some have said you’re a PR stunt Well at least they didn’t call you a twit The liberal media is full of themselves I wish they’d all go to commercial Sarah, listen: Moral values are important to me I don’t believe in adultery But your daughter’s only seventeen If she can make a baby then why can’t we? Sarah Palin I’m in love with you No VP makes me swoon like you Biden’s not my type ’cause he’s a dude Sarah, I want you Can we raise our kid Jewish?

25 Responses to “O Mundo de Beakman – Bolhas, Beakmania e Pés (Parte 2)”

  1. krazywolfpack says:

    as if sarah didnt have it bad enough… between the mentally retarded baby and losing the election she’s been through a lot… not to mention trying to govern a hunk of ice with eskimos for citizens and the constant invasions from russia…… now she has to worry about this guy stalking her… LEAVE SARAH ALONE!!!…… chris croker? no one? ok…

  2. MrECLECTICIAN says:

    I’m late to the party but this is a great tune! “If she can make a baby then why can’t we?” great

  3. JMSmooth7 says:

    The song that started it all. She fine, but Ben Sheehan has the voice of an angel.

  4. checkerbordom says:

    I love you for this song! Nice acting too, made me laugh. Ben Sheehan I’m in love with you.

  5. bigpops101 says:

    hahah what the hell

  6. holderoflyte says:

    what did you even just try to say? english please

  7. holderoflyte says:

    what did you even just try to say?

  8. Yahwehsninja says:

    this is creepy for some reason

  9. v7w37 says:

    lol, “Bidens not my type because he’s a dude” lol

  10. artyfarty3 says:

    There is something enigmatic about pretty woman with power that drives men “love crazy” . Sarah is no exception to that rule . I may not fully agree with all her opinions and views but if she stood in front of me and told me to jump on one leg and bark like a dog I’d do it in a hart beet 🙂 , god those glasses look so sexy on her face 🙂
    grate song mate but I saw her first ! – lol , just kidding , she is married for christe sakes , and I’m jealous of her husband – and that’s bad 🙂

  11. emerson24 says:

    I’d so fuck Sarah Palin. I don’t care about what kind of politician she would or wouldn’t be. She’s hot. And I’d have her tell me how Mavericky I am while I’m doing it, too! 

  12. EtcEtcAndEtc says:

    She’s not that hot.
    Compared to the competition, yeah maybe.
    But she is a total douche. Can’t we all just ignore her. She’s getting out of politics to cash in anyway.

    This song is annoyingly clever and well produced. Well done.

  13. gadzoomtoo says:

    I’m Canadian gay and see America so I am an expert on America. And you people are scrfewed up.

  14. jrodg46 says:

    Great minds think alike: My friends and I did a video, “I’m in Love with Sarah Palin,” a year ago, and somehow I never had the curiosity to click on yours until tonight — and what I’ve been missing! : Have to tell all my friends and students ( I’m a teacher) to see this. Sarah continues to be very topical and “hot” (LOL) , and, as so many write below, your performance, text and the entire video presentation are simply brilliant. All my admiration—-A fellow “Sarah Lover”, Joe R

  15. hanspepsi says:

    haha. love it!

  16. supernerd47 says:


  17. Bexycool says:

    I Hate You, Sarah Palin.
    NO TO S.P 2012!

  18. yippsnipp says:

    or maybe he just thought he felt he should sing a song?

  19. chegenyanzi says:

    I’m still laughing

  20. Cenafan1213 says:

    I sang this song for choir and got the solo

  21. marklerer says:


  22. iRemainNameless says:

    LOL… This guy is going to regret being known for this. haha wait till this gets out. *shudders*s

    I’d not in a million years even for a joke share this with ANYONE!. XD. Funny video though. Good luck.

  23. LiquidSpartan117 says:

    Hey, that dude on the video loves dumb women!

  24. SlowAndSteady2 says:

    Thought my sides were going to split open.


  25. alangdo says:

    Ben I love it!!

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