November 18- Drake (Ben10 Choreography)

Well, the song is called November 18…so I thought it would only be fitting to teach this ON November 18th! This is probably my favorite piece, because of the swag and the emotion put behind it. I had a great time teaching this and there will be plenty more!

4 Responses to “November 18- Drake (Ben10 Choreography)”

  1. Illumi2ube says:

    ICE Work bro, smooth, intricate, & on point! 😉 keep it Going!

  2. kmbrsaun8 says:

    AHHH! That was niiiiice! 😉

  3. BenFN10 says:

    thanks man!!!

  4. MaulJay79 says:

    I see you BenFN10 lol good shit…I gotta get out there for a class one of these days!!! Smooth ass routine kid!

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