Nike Commercial – Magic Soccer Night

What do old men really do at night? Written, Directed, Produced by Paul Wie ( Produced and Edited by Peter Yun Co-Produced by Jason Lee Music by Robert Litton Director of Photography: Chris Saul Production Designer: Rachel R. Kondrath Costume and Make-Up: Helen Wie Production Manager: David Lee Production Coordinators: Mike Yu, Shirley Kim Assistant Directors: Jason Lee, Daniel J. Seo Assistant Camera: Josh Park, Kyle Wright Steadicam Operator: Jerry Franck Gaffer: Stephen Paar Best Boy: Team Bashet Grip: Tony Kim, Benjamin Hyun Sound Recording: Will Song, Jin Kim PA: Evangeline Joo, Johnny Ngo, Grace Zhang Colorist: Kevin Cannon (Prehistoric Digital) Visual Effects: Peter Pak Sound Editor/Mixer: Anthony Lee Cast: Blue Team (Old): Don Lewis, Phillip Giesen, Ted Alvarez, Gunter Koch, Donald Wood, Joseph Duenas, Agustin J. Jimenez Blue Team (Young): Sam Zook, Westley Cole Grant, Andrew Villareal, Bobby Clark, Antonio Roman, Sergio Buenrostro, Agustin Raul Jimenez Yellow Team (Old): Edgard Castro, David Fannell, Yoon Park, Ray Torres, Pio Alvorado, Graham Clark, Udo Helferich Yellow Team (Young): Adrian Rodriguez, Ryan Evans, David Lee, Antonio Vielman, Herman Munoz, Aziz Yehia, Trey Mitchell Referee: Les Kangas Security Guard: Robert Pruitt Wife #1: Jane Clark Wife #2: Myra Bartash Dog: Sechee Special Thanks: Adrienne Omansky, Armand St. Marseille, Armond Tavianini, Bill Bourquin, Brian Kim, Debbie Kim, Doug Tye, Fred Vizcarra, John Sherburn, Tom Gillis

25 Responses to “Nike Commercial – Magic Soccer Night”

  1. danieljseo says:

    hahaha awesome job guys! pete, paul, everybody. anthony heung killed it with the background track.

  2. djfeas001 says:

    Flawless execution

  3. OhLuis says:

    The music reminds me of Harry Potter

  4. llanosg says:

    heyyy Felipe now you’re acting!!!

  5. monikerasmoniker says:

    great idea and execution~!

  6. lsw112252 says:

    Fantastic ! It’s the best Nike ad that I have seen so far. Very creative idea !

  7. luthfifawwaz20 says:

    very funny ads!

  8. Dannyizzatank says:

    No shit! thats the whole point!

  9. maibelle333 says:

    Very original! Falling more in love with Nike due to this commercial 🙂

  10. dansut324 says:

    Well done.

  11. 1tierramadre says:

    Love the fact the old dudes are real soccer(football) players and not actors. Well done!

  12. Владислав Курский says:

    Хорош лишь тот учитель, в котором ещё не умер ученик. (Бауржан Тойшибеков)

  13. aznboiwillsay says:

    Your English is not very original.

  14. kapinio1 says:

    0:26 change of person

  15. janetsungkim says:

    Love the mischievous looks on their faces! Such a refreshing change from the typical display of youth, beads of sweat splattering in slow motion, and grunting. Want to see more of these!

  16. won j. kil says:

    창의적인 아이디어가 시청자들에게 많이 사랑받을것 같네요
    나이키 제품 홍보에도 큰 효과가 있으리라 봅니다 앞으로 더욱더
    좋은 작품 만들기를 기대합니다.

  17. stan419o says:

    I can’t tell you value dha sport as much as yhu value dha scum dhatts in your brain. All I’m sayinq isz dhatt football its dha origin bitch.

  18. Vĩ Đào says:

    1 dislike is police

  19. squirrelhunter1979 says:


    1889, socca, later socker (1891), soccer (1895), originally university slang (with jocular formation -er; see -er (3)), from a shortened form of Assoc., abbreviation of association in Football Association (as opposed to Rugby football); cf. rugger, but they hardly could have taken the first three letters of Assoc.

  20. KubaKaboom1 says:

    OK OK OK, people who say soccer is football, we get it! thats what we call it in the US, but otherwise, its the same thing

  21. Lord AllianceCFC says:

    wtf is soccer ?

  22. NinjaWithDragon says:

    5? Wow that’s gotta be a lot of countries, right? Stupid hobo.

  23. AKAaustinyu says:

    WOW this is great! amazing job!

  24. IWakeUpToSweat says:

    k, nice bro

  25. NOExFAVELA says:


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