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Hey, so I wanted to do another video on my favorite TV couples because I’ve been watching some new shows and since I’ve done the last video, which was a year ago, there have been some new couples. Anyways, here it is, hope you you enjoy, and leave a comment below! No copyright infringement intended, pictures and music belong to their respective companies. Actors & Actresses: Alaric & Jenna – Matt Davis and Sara Canning Alek & Chloe – Benjamin Stone and Skyler Samuels Artie & Brittany – Kevin McHale and Heather Morris Austin & Kaylie – Zane Holtz and Josie Loren Caleb & Hanna – Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson Chase & Alex – Stephen Colletti and Jana Kramer Chase & Brooke – Stephen Colletti and Sophia Bush Chuck & Blair – Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester Chuck & Sarah – Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski Clark & Lois – Tom Welling and Erica Durance Damon & Elena – Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Dan & Serena – Penn Badgley and Blake Lively Finn & Rachel – Cory Monteith and Lea Michele Jackson & Allison – Colton Haynes and Crystal Reed Jake & Peyton – Bryan Greenberg and Hilarie Burton Jason & Aria – Drew Van Acker and Lucy Hale Jason & Elizabeth – Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst Jeremy & Anna – Steve R. McQueen and Malese Jow Jeremy & Bonnie – Steve R. McQueen and Katerina Graham Jeremy & Vicki – Steve R. McQueen and Kayla Ewell Julian & Brooke – Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush Kurt & Blaine – Chris Colfer and Darren Criss Landry & Tyra – Jesse Plemons Adrianne Palicki

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  1. raverman411 says:

    You’re welcome!´╗┐ ­čÖé Yeah for sure check out Instant Star and the Jude and Tom relationship, I love them!

  2. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment! Glad that you liked all the´╗┐ couples. No, I have never heard of Instant Star. I’ll be sure to check it out!

  3. raverman411 says:

    I love´╗┐ pretty much every couple you listed! I’d like to nominate and say that probably my favorite TV couple ever is Jude Harrison and Tom Quincy from Instant Star. If you haven’t seen Instant Star please watch it, cause I’m sure you’ll love the Jude and Tom relationship. ­čÖé

  4. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment!´╗┐ I miss them so much, not really sure why they had to ruin them with Quinn cheating on him with Finn. I love Sam and Quinn then Finn and Rachel. Stupid writers.

  5. ddTVD3 says:

    SAM AND´╗┐ QUINN<333

  6. joeandstellaforever says:

    @TheEpicness239 exactly!!!
    Just wish there´╗┐ had been more Jaria scenes;)

  7. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment!´╗┐ I agree with every single couple you listed. They make One Tree Hill what it is – Amazing!!

  8. HudgensSupport1 says:


  9. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment! I love Jaria, hopefully they’re given a´╗┐ better chance. Wow, last night’s episode was awesome! I’m praying that Jason doesn’t have anything to do with Ali’s murder or A, maybe he’ll be like Toby and turn out to be the good guy.

  10. joeandstellaforever says:


  11. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment! Sorry, this video was added´╗┐ six months ago so Klaus and Caroline weren’t considered a pairing back then.

  12. cleothesnake5 says:

    Klaus´╗┐ and Caroline?..

  13. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment! Definitely loved Max and Naomi together, they were so different, yet it worked´╗┐ perfectly.

  14. ParamoreScarlz says:


  15. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment! Sorry, not all of my favorite couples made it on here, although Ellie and Captain Awesome are my second favorite couple of Chuck. Chuck is pretty awesome, but´╗┐ that title goes to Captain Awesome lol.

  16. lilmissghostface says:

    Where is´╗┐ Ellie And Awesome??? btw Loveing chuck irving bartowski -3

  17. TheYasmintwilight says:

    BLAIR E CHUCK <3'´╗┐

  18. edocnumber2 says:

    You’re welcome´╗┐

  19. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment! I love Klaine, one of my favorite couples on´╗┐ Glee!

  20. edocnumber2 says:

    So happy you put Kurt´╗┐ and Blaine in there they are my favourite couple

  21. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment! I love Toby and Spencer!!!! Hope they get back together in the winter premiere. January can’t come fast enough!!!! Been waiting on PLL, Lying Game and One Tree´╗┐ Hill!!!

  22. iowagurls1234 says:

    Toby and Spencer are´╗┐ the awesomeestţîĘ

  23. xxbella17xx says:

    yes, they are comming together and Beth returns´╗┐ (I saw a part from the new episodes from season 3)
    If it’s correct what I translate (it’s English and I’m from the Netherlands) ­čśë
    you’re right I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  24. TheEpicness239 says:

    Thanks for the comment!´╗┐ I think they are too, and I hope they get together this season. Fingers crossed!

  25. xxbella17xx says:

    Puck and Quinn are adorable´╗┐ <3

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