Living Lavish – Lil Crazed ft. Ramzo (Kollaboration: Tulsa)

This song is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever done because it is so personal to me. Everything in this song holds truth. If it weren’t for the people stated in this song along with many others, there would not be a Lil Crazed. I was fortunate to work with an artist by the name of Ramzo. (KiD Cypher Round 3, Ramzo Cypher) This video contains footage of myself in one of my hotel rooms and from the Kollaboration show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The song is featured on my Chapter 2: Famine mixtape and was also produced by Flash Beats. Download Link: Download Link to the Chapter 2: Famine mixtape: Lyrics: ~hook i don’t need a lotta money to feel rich, i’ve got me my family, friends, and my kids, some people may call it average, but to me, it’s a dream, i’m living lavish ~first off, let me go and start this verse off, about slim, if not for him, i’d be nerf soft, before jay, my cousin taught me to brush the dirt off, now i pass haters riding radio waves, surf off, and now I’m a happy daddy, yup that’s right, must’ve sneezed 2 times becuz i was blessed twice, Alijah and Isaac don’t you ever worry, the only time I’ll be away is at the cemetery, and i’m the eldest son, i should’ve taught the best route, but Dee and Ant, no matter where you go, i’m still proud, and Dee you granted mama a wish and made her real happy, gave us Carlee, the first girl in the family, and Ant, u love life and know the true meanin’, God took u but gave u back, u here for a reason, and

25 Responses to “Living Lavish – Lil Crazed ft. Ramzo (Kollaboration: Tulsa)”

  1. HideAndSikh1 says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG, SOOOO GOOD. Love everything about this song,

  2. Ikraamahs says:

    i can’t get enough of this!

  3. Tyga7203 says:

    thiz song breaks my heart im guy but itz okay cuz guys cry 2 yall knw it stop suck’as…

  4. INDAHOUSE9999 says:

    i just cant stop salutin 😉

  5. INDAHOUSE9999 says:

    People like lil crazed really deserve Fame n´ wealth.

  6. thedomdomduh says:

    to this day this song is still my favorite calm-down-clear-my-head-and-relax track

  7. StarofRap says:

    Beautiful <3

  8. Mercury468 says:

    Ohmygawd… This song can speak to anyone. He’s really come a long way , so now we’ll see where his fame takes him <3

  9. lilexplicitazn says:

    This is my best song from Chapter 2

  10. aimeebayybee21 says:

    i love this song <3 i love u lil crazed make big and bless u and ur kids

  11. AznJayyP44 says:

    ” DONT FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS , LEAD THEM ” <--- YOO , Ive listened to that saying ever since he came up with it , and im loving my life , THANK YOU LIL CRAZED .

  12. JavierMight69er says:

    Thumbs up if twitter brought you here (:

  13. jou2015 says:

    this songs so dope i could listen to it over and over again

  14. averageblossom8 says:

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  15. MrVetou says:

    This is Dope Ass Stuff.

  16. azianpryde22 says:

    Man this guy is my inspiration, keep it up man.

  17. cms16 says:

    dude i dont even get why this has less than 100,000 views, this is dope man

  18. wyteboi3mmi says:

    i respect thAt! you can tell u speaking the truth so real!!! keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

  19. xBreezyxMusik says:

    this my favorite song from Crazed. i hope someone agrees

  20. nativebeauty101 says:

    hey lil crazed, i jus wanted to say thank you for inspiring with your muzik…u are my favorite rapper in the world and i wanted to tell u ur muzik is my remedy for everything…god bless you, ur family, and ur muzik!!! <3

  21. becky4040 says:

    One of my fav of lil crazed…this ones big!!!

  22. MissyHeartless says:

    Stuck On Replay (:

  23. 1221youngb says:

    @CobraTheSavage it says twicce not two times lol but i agree thts some tight ass lyrics

  24. LogoDidIt says:

    I can so relate to this joint.. sounds like my joint “Logo did it”

  25. DiceTunes says:

    Such an underrated song! Can’t believe there’s only 80000 views!

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