Little Lil Wayne

My nephew’s Benjamin McDonald and Zorian Jolly as Wayne and Ross. Just having fun, no disrespect to lil wayne… Hope you like!

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  1. Margirulav says:

    Thumbs up, if u hate Lil Wayne.

  2. Margirulav says:


  3. KNGovHearts says:

    Why is it ok for the two little white girls who sang nicki minajs “superbass” where they were reciting all the bad words like “hell of a guy” and “might sell coke” to sing it and go on tv and meet nicki minaj and go on a shopping spree and everyone thinks its cute, but when the black kids do it, they’re hoodrats and all this other mean stuff?

  4. dreday1234 says:

    Ignorance starts young, and they have a head start.

  5. FreelandThaDrifter says:


  6. lilmslakeitha says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with this video. it looks like they were having fun. People can be so ignorant.

  7. Kinsey5000 says:

    These kids are very well cared for. They haven’t started Kindergarten yet and all of them know their colors, they can count, they know their ABCs and they are very well spoken. It’s very funny to me that people can see Black kids with no shirts on (to look like the people the video creator is parodying). I see people calling them hood rats but they live in a nice, diverse, neighborhood. I sense a lot of people are harboring ill feelings for blacks here. Very funny video. Get a sense of humor…

  8. NinoBrown117 says:

    pause at 1:02 hahahahahahha

  9. AStarrProductionz says:

    @tsferg His voice don’t soound like that

  10. ThePurplestar88 says:

    i am ashamed 2b black strictly because of this video

  11. shootermcgvn says:

    What the hell did I just watch? I consider myself an open minded person and this makes me want to be a racist.

  12. camelot33 says:

    Naw we got all of their charges expunged!!!

  13. SublimeLionZion says:

    He already got better skills skating and playing guitar than lil’ wayne.

  14. madmaxxx1823 says:

    theyve already got felony charges pending

  15. youngghost231 says:

    Said, “I kissed another man, Wayne.”
    Then he tore the number one dad poster down.

  16. tsferg says:

    How did lil Wayne get popular if this is what he sounds like?

  17. dearestjen says:

    Set black people 400 yrs back. Raising hoodrat children. Congrats.

  18. RileySMV says:

    lol they`re cute ^^

  19. zadrotHoN says:

    well, i got 1:03

  20. zadrotHoN says:

    well, i got 1:04


    i get 1:07
    lil wayne drinks cough syrup she made him drink syrup….LMAO !
    Thumbs Up if you caught on

  22. SkittlexXxKilla says:

    hey im  show this to my family all around hahhaha

  23. MrBirdKey says:

    hahahahahahahaha This is raw as fuck!!!!! 1 million views soon!!!!

  24. camelot33 says:

    Well there are a million bae bae kids running around my moms house and my younger brother colored on my nephews face, so thats how I got the idea to do this video. But I just filmed him and the other kids and then edited it in iMovie. Really easy to edit video in iMovie. Didn’t really have to spend much time on it.

  25. SkittlexXxKilla says:

    So how did you make this?

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