Lil Wayne Ft. Eminem & Ludacris – Breaking Down (New Music 2012)

Lil Wayne Feat Eminem & Ludacris – Breaking Down NEW 2011 Song, Lil Wayne Feat Eminem & Ludacris – Breaking Down Lyrics on screen, Lil Wayne Feat Eminem & Ludacris – Breaking Down + download link, Lil Wayne Feat Eminem & Ludacris – Breaking Down radio edit ================================== —————————————————— Download: or ================================== ================================== Beautiful Lies Heartache I Believe Cant Back Down See Into The future So Cold Say you will Love struggle Monster Drake Ti Kanye west eminem Eminem The Game Drake Been Gone For So Long See RIght Thru Boy Meets Girl Drop The World No Love rockitpro aliiee7 Twisted Freestyle NEW Rap Hip Hop Swagger Like Us Big Dreams Not Afraid Recovery Find Your Love Over Thank Me Now Red Blood Album Mixtape 2011 NEW HOT HQ CDQ Best Rapper alive Shady RecordsRecovery Not Afraid Love The Way You Lie Airplanes Part 2 Shady Records Yelawolf Royce Da 5’9 No Love Lil Wayne Hip Hop Rap New 2011z Cleanin Out My Closet When Im Gone Mockingbird Lose Yourself 8 Mile Difficult Yelawolf Shady vault Leaked TI Tip Vs TI Thats All she Wrote Remix aliiee7 Im Back Pitbull I Know You want Me Krazy Featuring BOB Airplanes Ft. Hayley Williams Of Paramore Nothing On You Feat Bruno Mars Jay Z Jay-Z Empire State Of Mind Featuring. Alicia Keys Run This Town Feat Kanye West And Rihanna Young Forever Feat Mr. Hudson upgrade you u Roc Boys

WWE WWE WWE Monday Night Raw- Mike Tyson and Chris Jericho vs. D-Generation X Flag of Puerto Rico Carlito (Carly Colón) * Flag of United States John Cena * Flag of United States Jim Duggan * Flag of United States Kenny Dykstra (Ken Doane) * Flag of United States Eugene (Nick Dinsmore) * Flag of United States Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) * Flag of United States Shad Gaspard * Flag of India The Great Khali (Dalip Singh) * Flag of United States Charlie Haas * Flag of United States Jeff Hardy * Flag of United States JTG (Jayson Paul) * Flag of United States Santino Marella (Anthony Carelli) * Flag of United States Chris Masters (Chris Mordetsky) * Flag of Scotland Robbie McAllister (Derek Graham-Couch) * Flag of Scotland Rory McAllister (Russell Murray) * Flag of United States Shawn Michaels (Michael Hickenbottom) * Flag of United States Trevor Murdoch (Trevor Rhodes) * Flag of United States Johnny Nitro (John Hennigan) * Flag of United States Randy Orton * Flag of Samoa Umaga (Eddie Fatu) * Flag of United States Val Venis (Sean Morley) * Flag of United States Viscera (Nelson Frazier, Jr.) Female wrestlers * Flag of United States Candice Michelle (Candice Beckman) * Flag of United States Mickie James * Flag of United States Maria (Maria Kanellis) – Also an interviewer * Flag of United States Melina (Melina Perez) – Valet of Johnny Nitro * Flag of United States Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) * Flag of United States Torrie Wilson Referees * Flag of United States Mike Chioda – Senior

48 Responses to “Lil Wayne Ft. Eminem & Ludacris – Breaking Down (New Music 2012)”

  1. skillskovin says:

    @UndeadArmyCommander Beat is One Less Reason – A Day To Be Alone :))

  2. yansane82 says:

    underground single available on itunes- sane play it to the left

  3. aldinvatres94 says:

    All the credits go to aliiee7.

  4. aliiee7 says:

    At least give me credit?
    More mixes on my channel !

    – DJ Aliiee

  5. 24LindseyMiss says:

    Omg, this song is beastly bro!

  6. 24LindseyMiss says:

    @bassoka1994 idk what your sayin.

  7. joelfernandez00 says:

    @hazarerkul LUDACRIS

  8. joelfernandez00 says:

    @Artsiest FUCK YOU!!!

  9. bassoka1994 says:

    alles hoansöhne  alle ich schwör alles neiider sone hoansöhne
    like we bushide kool findet

  10. MrRemix4000 says:

    Weezy sounds like a old man lol

  11. arthur2409 says:

    @UndeadArmyCommander Chorus: One Less Reason - A day to be alone remix

  12. PilotPayso says:

    hottest VERSES on your favorite song #ADDAVERSE


  13. richmobmula says:


  14. DoctaJutn says:

    Wth ? So fake lmao

  15. marinmafiota says:

    good man

  16. KiimOow says:

    @lyeroify Kayna a Sat
    he’s dope as a mufucka

  17. sterling271 says:

    First verse is acutely apoligez

  18. UndeadArmyCommander says:

    First Verse: Lil Wayne – Good Girl Gone Bad
    Second Verse: Eminem – When I’m gone
    Third Verse: Raheem DeVaughn Ft. Ludacris – Bulletproof

    Not sure about the beat.

  19. Artsiest says:

    @joelfernandez00 Shut up.

  20. hazarerkul says:

    2.33 whos that??

  21. dannyboiiiiii94 says:

    dope as

  22. joelfernandez00 says:

    If u wanna hear the original it’s called Tearz On Her Pillow by BD Gramz

  23. joelfernandez00 says:

    Man i think this shit is so fuckin wack. I can’t believe u stole the beat n put wack shit on it. The original song sounds so much better. N this is my husbands beat he made it and u ruined the song.

  24. lyeroify says:

    VERY Niice Wld L9a7ba Kayn ! HHHHHHHHH MdRRRRRRR Wald 9a7ba Wst English xD

  25. MrSenf81 says:

    @RCproduction1 That`s why we like it :’DD

  26. 1travisbennett says:



  27. RCproduction1 says:

    WWE is just a big big show

  28. MrScarpredator says:

    @STALLONETHEHERO to be precise,a boxer’s naked hand has a power equal to 3 tons…national geographic…

  29. BryanTalks says:

    @TGforlyf Nobody? Bryan Danielson, or Daniel Bryan as you know him, is currently one of the best, if not the best technical wrestler in the world. Dolph Ziggler is one of the rising stars who sells moves better than most of the experienced veterans in the locker room. Think before you speak, man.

  30. theprojecthp says:

    I only know mike tyson of punch out video game

  31. lacky420 says:

    6:57 best knockout ever!!!!!!!

  32. TGforlyf says:

    Back when raw was good! Love watching this. WWE is just full of nobody’s like Daniel Bryant and dolph ziggler. I finally see why Batista left

  33. golikop1 says:

    Tyson’s punches are so strong the air that’s produced knocks people out.

  34. waitingisfun says:

    why is this so stupid?

  35. FITNA25 says:

    if tyson was the tyson from before , he had given anny wrestler a big fucking knock out

  36. omkar415star says:

    Fake punch
    Fake Dive
    Fake reaction
    Fake croud….wowowo…i forgot croud is real….hehehe
    Hard time believing soo many people come to watch this XD

  37. SkemeKOS says:


    I think even an entertainment wrestler has a chance against Tyson. Not all, but some of them anyway.
    And for the record, I absolutely hate entertainment wrestling…always have.
    Im boxing and MMA/Real grappling fan.

  38. killbotone says:

    wow barely one person cheered when tyson came out, his star has realy fallen

  39. 1989beatles says:


    I hope you do realize this is not professional wrestling we are talking about. This is entertainment wrestling. Everything is staged. There is no way a pro boxer with experience like tyson would even get scratched by that.

  40. DinamiteBarese says:

    @strictlybangerz011 because it’s fake, that punch would’ve killed Jericho xD

  41. EdgeProductionz1 says:

    Chris Jericho got raped! Lol

  42. CedrikAton says:


    must see here!


  43. tric98 says:

    SUCK IT!!!=) It’s cool))It’s funny

  44. kunelite says:

    The only reason I say this fight is fake is because Chris Jericho would’ve been dead if that punch were real.

  45. LtCunningham says:

    @TheKtldll Tyson is a avid wrestling fan.

  46. strictlybangerz011 says:

    Why did the camera angle change when he punches jericho!

  47. TheTysonwolf says:

    lol this is funny

  48. JZAF24 says:

    yay its punch Out!! hornswoggle:little mac mike tyson:well..mike tyson

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