Les Troyens (Berlioz) N°14 Choeur – Prière.mov

direction musicale – John Eliot Gardiner mise en scène, décors et costumes – Yannis Kokkos collaboration artistique – Anne Blanchard lumières – Patrice Trottier mouvements chorégraphiés – Richild Springer création images vidéo – Eric Duranteau coiffure et maquillages – Les Marandino Didon – Susan Graham Cassandre / Clio – Anna Caterina Antonacci Anna – Renata Pokupic Enée – Gregory Kunde Chorèbe – Ludovic Tézier Panthée – Nicolas Testé Narbal – Laurent Naouri Iopas – Mark Padmore Ascagne – Stéphanie d’Oustrac Hylas – Topi Lehtipuu Le fantôme d’Hector – Fernand Bernadi Priam / Mercure – René Schirrer Hécube – Danielle Bouthillon Deux sentinelles troyennes – Laurent Alvaro et Nicolas Courjal Un soldat coryphée – Benjamin Davies Un chef grec – Robert Davies Polyxène – Frances Jellard Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique Monteverdi Choir et Choeur du Théâtre du Châtelet direction – Donald Palumbo Nouvelle production Coproduction Théâtre du Châtelet / Grand Théâtre de Genève Paris, Châtelet, 26 octobre 2003 N° 14 — Chœur — Prière Un intérieur du palais de Priam. Dans le fond, une galerie à colonnade dont le parapet peu élevé donne sur une place située à une assez grande profondeur. Entre les colonnades on aperçoit au loin le mont Ida. L’autel de Vesta-Cybèle allumé. Polyxène, femmes troyennes, groupées autour de l’autel. Quelques-unes sont agenouillées, d’autres assises à terre, plusieurs sont couchées sur les gradins de l’autel, la face contre terre. Toutes dans l

This video is a reading from revelation 17&18. Its about the woman on the beast and the Fall of Babylon current modern day America. I mean look around you your cash is almost worth nothing anymore. Gas prices are high, the bankers and Satanist have current control (god’s disposals of war), the high food prices, obama’s green policy, his health care reform plans. The triuth is god is tired of the rich and the haughty and all the people who practice magic and witchcraft taking advantage of us poor folks. He is tired of idol worship, all the lies of Christmas, and of the roman catholic church. Tired of all the lies period. Repent ye for the kingdom of the lord is at hand. God bless you.

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  1. conspiracyjakefreak says:

    the end of the us is upon the sinners and whoremongers and most the goverment empire! I cant wait for america to get their upcomings!

  2. Adahondeayenh says:

    I think that the Whore of Babylon is Sarah Palin. Her vice presidency candidacy was announced August 28th or 29th, the very SAME DAY a movie called “BABYLON AD” was released.

    Also, when you take the PHI point (Phi= The golden Ratio, research it 1.618:1) When you take the PHI point between 9/11/01 and 12/21/12 you get August 28-29, same day Sarah Palin was announced. hm..

    Also the whore dwells in the wilderness, and Sarah palin dwells in Alaska (the last frontier on earth?)NOWHERE,ALASKA

  3. Adahondeayenh says:

    It’s hard to take someone serious when they’re called Pantherpenis. If you take a good look with OPEN EYES at what you’re seeing and hearing (and being hypnotized with) on television, the radio, and media… You’ll quickly figure out we need god, very very badly. There is sex and murder and violence and more sex in the media.

    For anyone interested in opening there eyes to the devil in the media, check out: The Workings of Evil, What Lies in Plain Sight, and also Madonna and Beyonce Ritual

  4. Idontknowwhat2type says:

    lol yep

  5. Pantherpenis says:

    It’s hard to take someone serious when they believe in god

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