Leadership Retreat Ropes Course Server Technology

Breakthrough Training works with Server Technology during a ropes course challenge focused on team building, communication and leadership. The best way to improve performance is through constant practice. You are looking for the ultimate team leadership training program that produces immediate and lasting results? Graduates and appearances include: Alisha Mack, Bill Muczko, bob Baugh, Bob Messing, Bob Parente, Brandon Ewing, Bruce Auclair, Dan Bercovich, Derek Watkins, Don Jones, Drew Henderson, Frank Hauser, Fred Sutherland, Graham Leonard, Jack Vonich, Jon Vanhoose, Josh Schaap, Julie Brown, Kathy Collins, Kit Chia, Marc Cram, Mark Hoffert, Mel Miller, Mike McGuinness, Michele Ruiz, Norbert Kutter, Patrick Braham, Robert Faulkner, Scott Finney, Scott Wehba, Sean Hollingsworth, Shad Sechrist. Jeffrey Benjamin is the founder of Breakthrough Training. Our focus is applying the principles of leadership, not merely knowing. Breakthrough Training’s interactive approach to leadership development allows for each participant to access their personal courage and confidence in self, while contributing to the success of the team, too.

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