“Know My Heart” – MS Baptist All-State Youth Choir & Orchestra 2007

“Know My Heart” by Benjamin Harlanperformed live at First Baptist Church, Jackson, MS on June 19, 2007. The Mississippi Baptist All-State Youth Choir was first organized in 1993 by the Church Music Department of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board under the leadership of Susan Clark Luttrell, youth minister consultant, and L. Graham Smith, department director. This special choir and orchestra is made up of 9th-12th graders who are chosen thourgh a personal audition and interview process. Each member must be an active participant in the music ministry of their local church and recommended by their pastor, school teachers, and minister of music. James Meaders, Mississippi College, Clinton, MS is the choral director. David Young, Instrumental Contract Consultant, Church Music Department, MBCB, is the choir’s orchestra director. www.mbcb.org

3 Responses to ““Know My Heart” – MS Baptist All-State Youth Choir & Orchestra 2007”

  1. rianhanrian2 says:

    I love this song….
    Check my video…we was sing this song in Indonesian Version,,,and get the Gold Champions Medal at “Central Kalimantan’s Pesparawi 2010”

  2. chubbaandhismomma says:

    this is my favorite psalm, and my favorite song for worship.
    i wish the ladies in the choir wore white instead of black, though.

  3. choirman212 says:

    I LOVE this song! Benjamin Harlan wrote this song for the Louisiana Baptist All-State Youth Choir. We made it a tradition that we sing this song every year and invite the past members to come and sing with the present members!!! It’s AWESOME!!!!!

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